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Michael Jackson: Remembering the greatest of all time

There will never be another Michael Jackson no matter how long we live on this earth. What he was able to accomplish during his career should be giving its own musical category. You can place Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Classical and then Jackson. How can you begin to describe what he meant to music or the world for that matter?

Jackson was and still is the King of Pop, how can you dispute that when he sold over 750 million records, yes, you read that correctly. When most artists are struggling to get that first million sold, Mike set the bar for success. The high-priced video shoots that are now the norm today was because of Jackson. His Thriller video set the standard, Bad, Billie Jean, and so many others were more than music videos they were blueprints on how to reach the masses.

Mike did documentaries, not voice overs but musical documentaries with his albums; he succeeded in the business because that was his goal from a young age. He wanted to be the best and to do so he had to give everything he had. Beyonce has been known to hit the road a lot with World Tours, but Mike was on anther level with his scheduling. His tours were universal if he could’ve packed an arena on Mars people would have made it there. How many artists when they travel the globe need protection from the Armed Forces?

Kings, Queens and all kinds of political dignitaries approached Mike about performing or visiting, just to have dinner or make a speech, he was not just famous; he was important. As a stand-up comic in the 80’s and 90’s, if you did not have a Michael Jackson skit in your routine you could kiss your career goodbye. How many times have you been at work listening to Pandora or iHeart Radio and Bad or Remember The Time comes on, and you stop your work to either reminisce, sing or dance? His music had they effect on you.

The artist that you or either your kids are listing to now was influenced by him. Growing up how many had to put on shows for the family doing an MJ impersonation? No one did Prince, Ozzy Osbourne or The Beatles; it was Mike. We wanted to be like him, wanted to know what it felt like to have that gift that no one else had.

His death shook the world to its core, but we will always have his timeless music to remember him by.

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Mark Wilson
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