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Minnesota Timberwolves Rumors: Why are they trying to throw away a great future?

The Minnesota Timberwolves are not where many expected them to be at this point in the season. I picked them as a playoff contender and with their current record of 5-12 (Tuesday), they look more Lottery bound than anything. But, what’s the problem?

The talent is there, they are young, athletic and gifted but that killer instinct is missing. Many thought with the hiring of no-nonsense head coach Tom Thibodeau that it would spark a fire under this young squad but they have seemed to have taken two steps back in their progress. Now, to add more salt to the wound, Thibs has gone on record as saying that he’s willing to trade some of his young talents for some vets that will bring this team together.

Thats a bunch of bull.

Who exactly is Thibs willing to let go in order for this transformation to happen? Ricky Rubio’s name has been on the blocks for years but no team has been willing to bite for a PG that cannot hit a perimeter shot consistently. Is he willing to part ways with the above the rim and high-scoring ability of Zach LaVine?  Thibs ould not possibly be talking about trading away Andrew Wiggins or Karl-Anthony Towns could he? These two are the cornerstone of the Wolves and I will go on a limb and say so is LaVine.

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So, what is Thibs talking about? Maybe he is trying to pull one of those Phil Jackson Zen/Jedi mind tricks to rally the troops but it’s not happening. I guess he never thought the actual problem could be him. Isn’t this the same reason he was let go in Chicago? He lost the team there as well. And yes, they were vets but he knew what he was getting himself into when he took the job. There’s no need to get mad now and try to trade away the team’s future because he cannot hold up his end of the bargain.

It started on draft day when he selected Kris Dunn, knowing he already had Rubio. I guess he didn’t scout his own roster and saw they were short on rim protectors either. This is not all on the players. Thibs must take some of the blame as well. But, instead of doing that he went on public record and said his players are all trade bait. How are they supposed to play hard for him now?

The Wolves will be stupid to get rid of their young players unless they will receive a player that has the ability to come on and take what’s left of the roster to the playoffs. Thibs made a mistake and it may be too late for him to take it back.


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