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Minnesota Vikings: Dalvin Cook and the Randy Moss effect

The Minnesota Vikings may have struck gold again. It took some time but the Vikings may have proved to the NFL yet again that another man’s trash is one’s treasure. No one expected Dalvin Cook to fall into the second round. Hell, he was the first back I had going in my mocks. Yet somehow, everyone passed on this talented runner out of Florida State.

Was it due to off-the-field issues, a poor showing at the combine or lack of production this season? No. Cook thrived at all and while there were some issues earlier, he was cleared of any wrong doing. So why the drop? Most teams were in no dire need of an RB. And the two that did select a runner decided to go with hype over substance. Not to take anything away from Christian McCaffrey or Leonard Fournette but Cook is the better player.

Stats are a strong measuring stick but when does stats actually mean anything for pro teams once a player reaches the NFL? How many RB’s or QB’s have we seen over the years break NCAA records but get to the pros and can barely break a tackle at the line of scrimmage? This is where Cook will thrive while the other two will falter.

McCaffrey is not a tough runner, Fournette has no hands while Cook does both and does them rather well.

The other factor that teams will regret is the Randy Moss effect. Remember when Moss was passed up by 20 teams in 1998 before the Vikings took a chance on him. How did that work out for them and Moss? Cook will enter his rookie season with the same chip on his shoulder that Moss did. However, the situation is a little different in terms of reps.

The Vikings let Adrian Peterson go and signed former Oakland Raiders back, Latavius Murray. The question now is– will Cook show enough to supplant Murray as the top back or will he be forced to 3rd down duties? If Cook attacks his NFL chance as he did with FSU and Moss did his rookie year then this was easily the steal of the draft.

Cook will be out to prove a point that he was the best RB in the 2017 NFL Draft and the Vikings will benefit from his anger.





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