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Minnesota Vikings: Why Sam Bradford is midseason MVP

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The term MVP is often misused in sports. Granted, it’s for what is to believed to be the Most Valuable Player but voters and fans often get that confused with stats. Stats does play a huge role in the decision-making but it’s more to it when describing what a valuable player is.

The Minnesota Vikings, during the first half of the season is home to the MVP so far. What Sam Bradford has done since beeing traded from the Philadelphia Eagles deserves as many first place votes as Ezekiel Elliott, Julio Jones, Matt Ryan or any other player.

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Bradford has done the unthinkable this season. We figured Elliott, running behind that massive offensive line in Dallas would have yardage. The Ryan and Julio show in Atlanta has been outstanding, but Bradford not only saved his career but the Vikings season as well.

The Vikings won the NFC North last season with an 11-5 record with Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson but things have changed in 2016. Bridgewater went down early and the Vikings had to make a move. Shaun Hill took over the first game but at his age, he’s not to be trusted.

The Vikings brass hit the phones and made a deal with Philly that changed both franchises this season. Since Bradford has taken over, the Vikings are 4-1 with their lone loss coming last week against Bradford’s former Eagles team. Despite that blemish, Bradford has played outstanding football.

Now, you can make the case for Ryan, Derek Carr, Elliott and a few others but if you were to take Bradford off the Vikings, where would they be? To make his case stronger, let’s not forget he has managed to lead this team to a 5-1 record without the services of the best RB on the NFL.

Bradford has thrown for 1,214 yards and 7 TD’s but it’s his turnovers that has been impressive. The one flaw that was in his game has vanished. Through 166 attempts he has thrown only one interception.

MVP is not always about the stats. Bradford has become a leader when the NFL world figured he would never be one. The trade was a “hope and prayer” and the Vikings have ridden his growth to the top of the standings. He may not get the award and I’m sure many will overlook him due to his stats. But make no mistake about it, Bradford has earned the right to be called midseason MVP.


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