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MLB Rumors: New York Yankees looking to overtake Red Sox with Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge pairing?

The New York Yankees may be trying to corner the market with Bash Brothers 2.o. There are reports from the MLB Rumors mill that Brain Cashman has reached out to the Miami Marlins for a possible deal involving high-paid outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton. While this may seem to be out-of-the-way for the new-age Yankees, this is a move that could propel them past the Boston Red Sox for the AL East division and into the playoffs as division champs. Not only is Stanton a big name with a huge contract but pairing him with the current Home Run King– Aaron Judge will put the fear into any pitcher.

Can this deal be done is the big question?

This is the Yanks so anything is possible but it all depends on how bad the Marlins want this done. Let’s be honest here– Stanton has not done much for the Marlins. His home runs are a sight to behold but the Marlins win/loss column looks the same every year. Since Stanton stepped on the field in 2010, the Marlins have missed the playoffs each year while finishing no better than 3rd in the NL East. Then there is that issue of the $78M he’s set to make from 2018-2020.

It’s a lot of money but Stanton does produce when he’s healthy. The problem the Marlins are facing is placing the proper pieces around him. Nothing is working and a trade may be their best solution. The Yanks have young talent to offer. Maybe a deal centered around Clint Frazier and a few of their high-level minor leaguers will be just what the Marlins need to right their ship. But think about the possibilities the Yankees will have with Stanton and Judge in the same lineup hitting back-to-back.

The Yanks will not have the problem of placing the right pieces around Stanton. Currently, the Yanks rank 4th in Runs Scored, 6th in Hits, 8th in Home Runs, 4th in RBI– you get the point, the Yankees have a powerful offense. What happens if they were to place Stanton right behind Judge in the order? The Yanks have tinkered with their lineup all season and Stanton would provide Joe Girardi with a little stability.

As far as money goes, this is New York so what’s the big deal? The Yanks may be giving up younger players but Stanton himself is only 27 years old and the deal with only be for three years since he has a player option after 2020.

With the Yankees only 3.5 games back, they will need to muster some type of run after going 5-5 in their last 10 games. While many believe the Yankees need to make a deal where pitching is involved— how often do you get a chance to add one of MLB’s most powerful hitters?


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