Lifestyle: Real Ways To Make Money Online

By Alicia Baker

Making money online is a dream for a lot of people. You get to sit at home and work in your underwear as the money comes in. However, people often have an idealized image of what making money online means.

If you want to earn big bucks, it’s not going to happen without putting in a lot of work. You can still do a lot of it from the comfort of your home, or at least you can to start with. But it’s not as easy as writing a couple of blog posts a week or making a vlog reviewing your favorite show. You can make money online, but the methods below are your best bet.


If you think you could have a knack for selling stuff, setting up an online store could be for you. You can sell to other businesses, or you can sell straight to the consumer. Business people such as Issa Asad have had great success with B2B commerce online. If you want to sell to businesses, it might mean you need more money to start up. You’re likely to be selling wholesale products, which requires more stock. However, you could be selling individual items too. An e-commerce business will have more startup costs than some other ideas. It will also be time-consuming if you want to make things to sell.

Become a Freelancer

Perhaps you have skills you think you can offer over the internet. Many people turn to freelancing when they’re fed up with working for someone else. Or you might want to use it to supplement your income and test the waters. There are lots of things you can do as a freelancer. Writing and graphic design are popular choices, and so is producing videos. You could also do marketing or offer other online services. Finding freelance work can mean going up against some fierce competition. But if you put the work in, you can make a name for yourself.


A lot of people explore the possibility of blogging to make money. You can turn a profit, but it’s hard to earn enough to live on. Nevertheless, it’s great to supplement your primary income. Making money from blogging involves using lots of different methods. You might host adverts on your site, write sponsored posts or join an affiliate program. Bloggers who do it for a living often do things like selling ebooks or giving talks.

Share Your Knowledge

Another way you can capitalize on your skills and knowledge is by sharing them. Rather than doing work for others, teach them how to do what you do. Many people who make money online create courses that people can buy. They can come in the form of ebooks, a series of emails or video tutorials. Some people also offer private coaching, which can earn you a lot of money. If you have a great reputation, you could charge thousands of dollars for exclusive coaching.

You won’t make much money by sitting back and waiting for it to come in. If you’re ready to make real money online, you have to put in the effort.


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