Monte Ball to serve jail time

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It seems there has been a decision made in former NFL superstar Montee Ball’s domestic abuse case. The case stems from an early morning dispute on February 5,2016. Montee Ball was arrested on a felony battery charge after he got into an argument with his girlfriend. According to reports from the incident, he threw her onto a table, thus causing her to have a cut on her leg that would require stitches.

The judge who was overseeing the case delivered the news to former NFL player Monte Ball that he is being required to serve two consecutive 30-day sentences for this domestic abuse case. The two sentences were handed after he  would plead guilty to the domestic violence that was against him. According to what he was being accused of apparently, there was more than just the first incident in February. The first sentence stems from him hitting his girlfriend at a hotel in February. Then in March, he reportedly threw a cell phone and grabbed the neck of a woman that was not his girlfriend.

Monte Ball was a two-time All-American for the Wisconsin Badgers in college prior to being drafted in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. However due injuries and legal issues, Monte Ball was unable to be the force that he was in college. Most recently he was released by the New England Patriots practice squad. In 2015.

If he does serve his entire jail term and is not let out on good terms, then he will be released in October. The next question is do we see Monte Ball be the starting running back on an NFL team in 2016 or is he done in the NFL?

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