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Narcos: What’s next for hit Netflix show?

With the hit show, Narcos being renewed for another two seasons the questions now looms, what’s next? In the first two seasons, we got a chance to go inside the mind and world of a drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar and his rise to fame. In season 2 we got a first-hand look at his fall from grace and ultimately, his death.

With Netflix now agreeing for another two seasons the writing team must come up with another story on the same level of Escobar’s or better. But what can top his?

Since we were basically shown how cocaine came to America, let’s show the epidemic it caused. Narcos, when I first heard about the show, I figured it was all based on Escobar’s life. But as show creator, Jose Padhilla said “we’ll stop when the drug trade stops’.

What I will suggest is just for entertainment purposes only, not to glorify the violence and destruction drugs cause but after watching Narcos for two seasons we have an understanding of the show and how it’s meant to be taken. With that being said, the producers should really take a look into the BMF and bring their story to the masses.

For those not in the know, the BMF or Black Mafia Family was started by two brothers, Demetrius and Terry Flenory, both from Detroit Michigan. It was told they had direct links to the Mexican drug cartels and over the span of their reign they had major hub operations in Georgia and Los Angeles. Over what is believed to be a 20-year run it was reported that BMF made well over $200M+ from the drug trade.

The story of Big Meech is legendary, not as big as Escobar’s but depending on the era you grew up in, he was just as important to the people as Pablo was. His reach went as far as politicians, to the rich and famous, down to the Hip Hop crowd. But like any good thing in the word it all must come to an end and when it did, lets’s just say it hit the fan hard.

There were over 25,000 members of BMF and all it took was the loose lips of one person to bring the empire crashing down. When it was all said and done there would be over 150 indictments, ending up with the Flenory brothers serving 30 years to life each under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statue.

I don’t know in which direction Narcos would like to go in. They may want to focus on the drug trade in another country or stay in the ’80s but if they are willing to reach for new heights, the rise and fall of BMF would be a great story to tell and bring to the small screen.

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