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NBA Breaking News: Kevin Durant Signs With Warriors

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In a move that only LeBron James can stake claim to Kevin Durant just did the unthinkable. Durant announced that he will sign a 2yr/$54M deal with the Golden State Warriors and leave behind the only NBA team he has known his entire career.

Durant will join NBA Finals runner-up Warriors on a team that features Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson ans Draymond Green. Durant will add another weapon to a team that won an NBA single season record 73 wins this past season. After visits with the Knicks, Celtics, Warriors and Thunder it came down to winning. While many will say that the Thunder organization did everything possible to get him to stay, the Warriors offered something better.

How can you turn down a team that won 73 games, played in back-to-back Finals and was a defensive collapse away from taking the title again this year?

Don’t get mad at Durant when at the end of the day he and other players play the game for two reasons, to get paid and win titles. Durant just put himself in a great position to do both.

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