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NBA Rumors: Could Kobe Bryant make a return for playoffs?

In this week of NBA Rumors, we will look at the possibility of a return from the recently retired Kobe Bryant.

Now, these are just words being whispered around by fans and media heads but what if?

What if Kobe were to say f*** it and pull a Michael Jordan and give it one more shot? But, what will be the reason he comes back after such a stellar career and after a season-long retirement party?

That’s easy.

Name another player besides Jordan that had the same drive to win? Kobe may have left the game after 20 years but the game didn’t leave him. He wasn’t forced to retire, his health wasn’t what it once was but he still had at least one more full season in him. Any player that can go out in his last game and hoist up 50 shots clearly has some gas in the tank.

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Another reason would be the Jordan effect.

There’s no secret that Kobe has chased Jordan his entire career but wouldn’t it be just like Kobe to retire then come back just to prove a point? Jordan came back twice and achieved greatness during his first trip but the second time around, it went terribly wrong. Kobe, being the competitor that he is, has to be sitting back looking at the league today and thinking he has at least 20 more games left in those cranky knees.

Why is this not far off?

Every season, there are a few teams that reach out to players sitting on the sidelines and try to persuade them to get back in the game for one more title run. For the last few years that player has been Ray Allen, this year it will be Kobe Bryant. The Lakers have no ties to him. His contract was up, making him available to go to a team of his choosing.

But would he?

What happens if Phil Jackson makes a call to him on behalf of the New York Knicks for the stretch run? A team that features, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Kristaps Porzingis, and Joakim Noah. How is that not enticing? Or the Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs or a reserve role with the Golden State Warriors?

Kobe has nothing to prove, he just wants to win and he wants nothing more than to get that 6th NBA title that has eluded him. But, wouldn’t the dream scenario be to get that call from the Lakers and help lead them to another title?


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