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NBA Trade Rumors: 5 teams that must make a deal

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As teams, players and fans get ready for the NBA Trade Deadline next month we will begin to take a look at teams that should or shouldn’t make any moves. NBA Trade Rumors are just that, rumors to get fans excited as most of the rumors are fan created as they look at their team’s roster and pray they could make a move for a specific player. But, there are legit teams and moves that could and should be made as teams that are fighting for playoff position may need just that little extra push from a player.

The Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers, just to name a few are the teams that’s been mentioned since the beginning of the year. With teams now having a better understanding of where their roster is in terms of talent can now begin to see where the help is needed. Here are five teams that should make a move during the Trade Deadline in February or before. 

Here are five teams that should make a move during the Trade Deadline in February or before. 


Philadelphia 76ers: 


The 76ers are a no-brainer when it comes to this list. The team, according to Joel Embiid still has a shot to make the playoffs, while that may seem like a long shot the team still needs to make a move. But, who do they move and for what? Since the end of the 2015 season, there were rumors that the team was looking to ship either Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor out-of-town for some backcourt help or draft picks. With Ben Simmons expected back in February, the 76ers will finally have a healthy roster. Despite what coach Brown believes, Simmons should stay at the SF position and let a trade for Okafor or Noel bring in a quality starting PG.

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