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NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics need to offer Bradley, not Smart for 76ers’ Nerlens Noel?

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The NBA Trade Rumors are circling the City of Brotherly Love once again, but this time, it’s in connection with the hated Boston Celtics. The Celtics are still trying to figure out a way to land Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers. During the offseason, it was well documented that Boston wanted one of the two post players from Philadelphia but a deal could not be struck. The Celtics signed Al Horford to bolster the frontcourt but to be a major threat to the Cavs they will still need a defensive presence down low.

Horford is a great addition but a player like Noel can change their season instantly. Last season Noel averaged 11 points, eight rebounds, and one block in 67 games for the 76ers but with only eight FGA, there left more to be desired. Noel is a blue-collar player, the kind that Dennis Rodman was in his heyday.


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If the 76ers are serious about parting ways with Noel they must get an offer that will help their fans for more than one season. The Celtics have offered Marcus Smart, while that may be good as the team searches for either a PG or SG he still doesn’t bring to the table, production wise what Noel can. But if the Celtis were to sweeten the deal with a draft pick and maybe Avery Bradley then the 76ers should think long and hard about this.

The team is set in the frontcourt if Joel Embiid is finally healthy. There would be a logjam and neither player is suited for a sixth man role. But if Philadelphia were to get a PG with Bradley’s skills in return and a 2nd round pick then this will be a great deal for both teams. The Celtics like Smart but he does not fit what the 76ers need. He is not a great passer or defender, his shot selections are not under control and he cannot direct an offense.

Bradley can change Philadelphia’s season. He’s a defensive player who averaged 15 points last season and can direct the offense as he showed when starting guard Thomas was out. With Bradley, Simmons, Embiid and Okafor the 76ers will be in contention for that 8th seed or better. If they do have plans of trading Noel, they better get fair market value for him and that means Bradley, not Smart.

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