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NBA Trade Rumors: Derrick Rose, Jackson, and Rubio are just a few names for 76ers

There’s no denying that the Philadelphia 76ers are in need of a PG but the question looms; who and what kind? According to NBA Trade Rumors Derrick Rose, Reggie Jackson, and Ricky Rubio are now on the market. While the 76ers are in need they must be careful if they decide to go after either one of these three players.

Rose has been steady while running the Knicks but much like most of his career, the injuries and inability to actually run a team has been the issue. Rose for all his speed and gifts still averages a dismal 4.5 assists. One would think by being surrounded by offensive players like Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis that his numbers would be higher but for some reason, Rose cannot get it together. His scoring average of 18 points is good but if he can’t get teammates the ball when and where needed the 76ers must pass. Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel are not ball handlers and will need a playmaker to help them produce.

Jackson is another Rose. He can get to the rim and knock down the occasional perimeter shot but he’s not much of a facilitator either. His per’s of 15 points and six assists are serviceable but he lacks on the defensive side of the court. If he’s willing to give a better effort then he may be worth the trade and with the Detroit Pistons not looking for much in return the 76ers may need to hop on this deal. His penetration will fit well with Embiid and Noel and with the return of Ben Simmons in a few weeks the 76ers could be a problem for Eastern Conference playoff contenders.

Rubio is still one of my favorite PGs in the NBA. He takes criticism for his weak perimeter game but he’s one of the purest facilitators left in the league. The 76ers will have scoring from the low post and the wings when Simmons returns and a player like Rubio who’s able to get the ball in the right spots will be important. If the Minnesota Timberwolves are willing to trade low then the 76ers must jump at this chance. For the season Rubio has averaged nine points and eight assists per and this bode well for a team that will feature a heavy dosage of low post players.

The 76ers are clearly out of the rebuilding phase now and have what looks to be a great core in Embiid, Noel, and Simmons. What’s left is picking the right person to run the team on the floor.

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