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NBA Trade Rumors: How Knight’s injury hurt Eric Bledsoe, New York Knicks and Cavs

The Phoenix Suns have the type of dilemma that most teams wish they had. The Suns’ backcourt is loaded with talent as they ran four deep with Tyler Ulis, Devin Booker, Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight. However, with Knight’s injury what will the Suns do? With NBA TRade Rumors in full swing this time of the year, there are mentions that the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers may be interested in a deal that could ship Bledsoe out of Phoenix.

With the Knicks looking to move Carmelo Anthony, they may have a deal in place with the Suns and the Cavaliers. The Knicks would receive Kyrie Irving while the Cavs would get Bledsoe and Anthony, thus leaving the Suns with Kevin Love. Not a bad trade but since Knight is done for the year, Cavs and Knicks lost out big time.

Now the Suns must find a way to try and mend fences with Bledsoe. For one, his name has been mentioned since last season in trade talks and now this offseason plus in addition to being shelved in 2016. It will be in the best interest of both parties that they part ways now or the Suns may be forced to keep Bledsoe.

Imagine a lineup that features LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Bledsoe, Carmelo and Tristan Thompson. As good as the Boston Celtics are, they couldn’t handle this lineup four games out of seven.

Now, not saying that a deal still can’t be made but this depends on how much the Suns belive in Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker. If they belive that both players can handle the grind of the NBA season then the Suns may still look to pull that trigger and welcome Love into the fold.

The Knicks have begun to widen their scope for a Melo deal but the Cavs are the real losers here.

They will get a good package for Irving from another team but to be able to get players such as Carmelo and Bledsoe while also ridding themselves of Love’s huge contract was a steal to begin with. What’s next for Bledsoe, Knicks and Cavs remain to be seen but if not for Knight’s injury that could have been one heck of a blockbuster deal.

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