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NBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel, Golden State Warriors are perfect match

In this week’s NBA Rumors news we are back with an old friend, Nerlens Noel.

With a recent report that Noel wants out of Philadelphia we are left to speculate where he could end up. Most have their bets placed on the Portland Trail Blazers or the Toronto Raptors but I see a possibility of another destination.

The Golden State Warriors should not be corssed off this list of potential trade partners. Here’s why.

The Warriors are not the same team they were for the past two seasons. The offense has improved with the addition of Kevin Durant, but it’s their defense that has taken a back seat. Newly acquired Center, Zaza Pachulia is not the defensive presence that Andrew Bogut was and the Warriors have suffered.

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Outscoring teams in the regular season is one thing but when the game slows down during the playoffs, a rim protector will be the difference between a championship or a 3-1 collapse.

How can this deal work you might ask.

Noel is still on his rookie contact, which fits right into the Warriors plans. If they were to go after Noel the Warriors will not be required to send much in return. At this point the 76ers may just be in search of a SG or a 1st round draft pick, both the Warriors will be happy to hand over.

For his career, Noel has played in 142 games with average of 11 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks. And his age is also a blessing. This will be Noel’s third season in the league in which he has been pretty duarbale unlike past Warriors Centers. The Warriors employ a system where their Centers play no more than 25 minutes per as Steve Kerr tends to rely more on the small ball tactic. But with Noel in the middle, they may want to change that stance.

The Warriors could send the 76ers Ian Clark and a second rounder, in which Clark could be inserted into the starting lineup right away. With the log jam the 76ers have in their frontcourt it makes no sense for them to ask for another low post player.

Clark would be a great addition to a backcourt that could use more production from the perimeter. While Clark can score, the main reason for this trade on the 76ers side will be the pick. Over recent years the 76ers have compiled a storage room of picks and if they wanted to really improve they could bring a third-party team like the Portland Trail Blazers in for Mason Plumlee or Maurice Harkless.

There are options on the table and with the 76ers stockpile of picks and available cap room anything is possible.

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