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NBA Trade Rumors: Nuggets deal for Plumlee signal end for Kenneth Faried?

The Denver Nuggets just made a bold move when they acquired Mason Plumlee from the Portland Trail Blazers for backup Center Jusuf Norkic. The move gives the Nuggets a great chance to finally rid themselves of PF Kenneth Faired if that’s the route they still wish to go. Faried has been hot on the NBA Trade Rumors and with this move Sunday, the time may be right fo the Nuggets to start fielding calls.

If the Nuggets are to go this route, who will they look to make a deal with?

The Toronto Raptors could be the clear favorites here as they are in need of an explosive PF and you can’t forget the Boston Celtics either as both teams look to make a move to challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers. Faried will give either team an athletic player at the position that both lineups are currently lacking. He may not be the best defender but if he can take Kevin Love from the post while chasing him around it will cause havoc to the Cavs defensive plans as Love is their best rebounder.

What will the Nuggets seek in return for Faired is the question?

There are whispers that PG Emmanuel Mudiay may also be on the move and that could open up a trade for Marcus Smart or Corey Joseph, coupled with a solid frontcourt backup or a 2017 draft pick. While Faried has fallen out of favor in Denver he still has produced if given starter minutes. This season he has averaged 10 points and eight rebounds but doing so in only 22 minutes per. Faried can still run the floor, rebound and use those long arms to break up passes in the post but Denver has decided to go another route with the addition of Plumlee.

Faried has another two years left on a 4/$50M contract that expires in 2019 and that may be too good for the Raptors or the Celtics to pass up.



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