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NBA Trade Rumors: Pelicans forming new Twin Towers with Brook Lopez, Anthony Davis?

The New Orleans Pelicans could finally have their version of ‘Twin Towers’ according to NBA Trade Rumors if the Pelicans and the Brooklyn Nets are able to pull off a mega deal. The Nets would send Brook Lopez to the Pelicans for Tyreke Evans, Tim Frazier, Langston Galloway and a 2018 protected first round pick.

At first glance, this looks lopsided on the side of the Pelicans as they will now be able to make a push in the Western Conference with Lopez and Davis. But, on the Nets end, all they really get is Evans. While the Nets could use as many picks as they can get, this will send the team and fans in complete panic mode. With Lopez gone, it will free up cap space but for who? What high-profile player will actually add Brooklyn on their list of destinations with a team that features Evans and Jeremy Lin?

For the Pelicans, this is a dream come true. Davis has needed a partner in the low post since his arrival and while Lopez is not the rebounder and defender that a normal Center should be he may be the player that could help Davis really grow into a dominant offensive player. With the Pelicans still in the hunt for the 8th spot a move like this could send shock waves throughout the roster causing a ripple effect that sends them on a run like the Miami Heat just pulled off.

Jrue Holiday has played some of his best basketball recently and if Buddy Hield and Solomon Hill can find their stroke, the Pelicans can put fear into a lot of teams.

The Nets are all but done with the season and it has been a shame that Lopez has had to endure the last two years on a team that was once considered contenders. He has still managed to produce to the tune of 21 points, five rebounds and 1.7 blocks per game despite the lack of talent surrounding him. With Lopez gone the Nets will be free to jack up as many 3’s as they wish and pray they fall. It’s a complete rebuild in Brooklyn and this may be the best offer the Nets will receive for Lopez.

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