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NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns have best shot to land DeMarcus Cousins

With NBA Trade Rumors still in high swing, we will take a look at a player and team that has been involved in a few rumors already.

There’s no secret of the bad blood between DeMarcus Cousins and the Sacramento Kings. The Kings have had Cousins in a few rumors during his tenure but this season may actually be the one where an action is taken.

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The issue is that the Kings are also looking to get rid of his partner Rudy Gay as well. How will all this play out remains to be seen but by the end of the 2016-17 season the Kings may be a totally different team.

Cousins is one of the best young players in the NBA but there have been issues surrounding his immaturity. To me, it has more to do with the continuous losing than his makeup as a man. It has to be hard on the ego and willingness to go out night after night, dominate your opponent but look at the scoreboard and see you losing once again. This has been an issue since he entered the league and the main reason Gay has stated he will not resign at the end of the season.

Cousins is still under contract through 2018 but if the Kings were to be offered a great package could they and should they turn it down? A player of Boogie’s caliber, talent and age will not go cheaply. There will be no second round pick offered up or a Jordan Clarkson type player. Boogie has played with, against and destroyed some of the top players in the league. For the Kings to move him they will have to be floored with an offer.

There are and few teams that could provide such a package. The Phoenix Suns are one of them.

The Suns have an abundance of talent in both the backcourt and front. A package of Eric Bledsoe and Alex Len may be enough to make the Kings pull the trigger on a deal.

Bledsoe will give the Kings a wing player they have craved for years and Len can slide right into Cousins vacant slot in the frontcourt. While Len is not the dominant post player that Boogie is, he can still provide a double-double on a consistent basis.

The Suns will get a great offensive and defensive post player to pair with Brandon Knight and the sharp-shooting Devin Booker.

This will be a win-win for all parties involved. Cousins and the Kings will both get a fresh start and Bledsoe and Len will get a chance to lead their own teams.

If the Kings have any thoughts of trading Cousins, the Suns should be top on their list.

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