NBA Trade Rumors: Possible moves for all 30 teams

With the NBA Trade Deadline still months away we will attempt to take a look at possible NBA Trade Rumors for all 30 teams in the NBA. Some reading may not agree but that’s the fun in all of this. Some teams will be forced to make moves for various reasons while others are looking to bolster their roster for a deep playoff run.


Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks could use some help on the perimeter. Kyle Korver is 35 and has been forced to bench duties. If the team feels they have another run in them then he stays. But if they start to fade by February then a move must be made.

Boston Celtics: The Celtics are still in need of a quality PF. Nerlens Noel is still on the market and the Celtics could still take a shot at Blake Griffin or DeMarcus Cousins if either comes available. But both will not be cheap.

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Brooklyn Nets: The Nets are at least three seasons away from even attempting to put a winning team on the floor. For the last three years, Brook Lopez has been in trade talks but this may be the year that he finally gets moved. No drafts pics. Trading Lopez is the right move to stock up for the future.

Charlotte Hornets: The Hornets are in good shape. Their one weakness can be masked but during the playoffs, they will be exposed. Come Trade Deadline time the Hornets should look to get more defensive in the post. Noel is still an option but, don’t count out the possibility of Lopez as well.

Chicago Bulls: It would seem that the Bulls are set after two big moves this offseason with Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. But Blake Griffin name has come up rather often when discussing the Bulls.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Kevin Love is still the most valuable trade piece the Cavs have. He’s been playing well but if the Cavs are looking to unload a huge contract and get two serviceable and cheaper players then Love should be on the block. Nerlens Noel will be a great fit for Cleveland with his defense.

Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Nowitzki’s career is about done, so why not trade him to a contender and hit the reset button on a franchise that clearly needs it.

Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets are solid across the board but it finally may be time to pull the trigger on a Kenneth Faried trade. The frontcourt is crowded with players that can score but a defender is needed in the post.

Detroit Pistons: The Pistons have are in dire need of a second rebounder. Andre Drummond can attack the boards but when your next best rebounder sits at six and is a bench player, there will be issues. Markieff Morris can score but his lack of defense has hurt the Pistons. If the Pistons can move Morris for Kenneth Faried or Willie Cauley-Stein that will be great.

Golden State Warriors: It may seem that the Warriors are in need of no one but there are moves that must be made in order to secure their future. Money. The Warriors are in danger of hitting that luxury tax in 2017 and either Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant must be sent packing. The bench is full of young players and a move for Noel or Nikola Vucevic of the Magic may be the best option.

Houston Rockets: The Rockets have played better than most expected but still they are thin in the frontcourt. A call must be made to the Nets to see what package is needed for a Lopez deal to get done.

Indiana Pacers: The Pacers are having an issue on the defensive end. Myles Turner is a great shot blocker but must improve on his rebounding. Thad Young is skilled but flawed in the post. A move must be made to secure the blocks and this is where the Pacers may search for a partner to take Monta Ellis off their hands.

Los Angeles Clippers: The Clips are playing great ball right now but with the recent injury to Blake Griffin, they may be in trouble. Even before that, there was a sense of urgency and many rumors that they may need to move Chris Paul or Griffin as the deadline approaches. An SF that can defend is a must and a player like the Blazers’ Maurice Harkless may be a perfect fit.

Los Angeles Lakers: Youth is the key word for the Lakers. But this offseason has brought in two players that have not lived up to the earnings. The Lakers will be wise to move either one or both contracts of Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov.

Memphis Grizzlies: It’s time to move Zach Randolph. He’s 35, putting up starter numbers off the bench. The Grizzlies are still contenders but what does the future hold? It may be in their best interest to trade Randolph for a starting 2-guard that can help the Grizz with their scoring issues.

Miami Heat: Well-balanced offensive team but not much else. Dion Waiters has scored and Hassan Whiteside will slow down towards the All-Star break. The Heat will need to let two of the perimeter players go and get bigger and physical in the post with a trade.

Milwaukee Bucks: Injuries have played a factor for the Bucks this season but so has their inability to make any moves for Greg Monroe. He doesn’t look happy or seems to fit with the Bucks. Time to get a deal done and bring in a solid PG.

Minnesota Timberwolves: This was to be the season where everything came together. They had the coach, the chemistry, and the skills but now, someone may be sent packing in order to right the ship. Ricky Rubio looks to be the top choice but with the struggles of the rookie, Kris Dunn it may not be as easy. The Wolves need a solid PG that can score and defend and a trade with the Suns may be their best option.

New Orleans Pelicans: Injuries have crushed their dreams but by now the Pelicans should be used to that. What they must do is find some post play to help Anthony Davis. The Pelicans have the trade pieces with Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday.

New York Knicks: The Knicks need time to jell as three players look like they are fighting for the team lead. The bigger issue is what to do with the $16M man, Joakim Noah. It’s clear he doesn’t fit and he’s the type of player the team needs but he’s not the right guy. If the Knicks can ship him out for a Monroe-like post player then talks of East contender is back on the table.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook is a one-man wrecking crew but the Thunder are in dire need of perimeter help. Durant’s departure left a huge void in the frontcourt and the Thunder may need to go after a player like Gerald Henderson or Luol Deng.

Orlando Magic: The Magic are like the 76ers, they have too much talent in their frontcourt but are scared to let go of it. Why did they trade for Serge Ibaka then sign Bismack Biyombo when the Magic already has Vucevic and Aaron Gordon. Gordon may be the best trade pieces as the Magic will look to get help at the SF position.

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Phoenix Suns: The Suns are loaded at every position and may the team in the NBA that can unload a started and still see no drop in production. Tyson Chandler is a great veteran presence but he’s not getting any younger and his lack of offensive production may hurt. If the Suns can move Chandler, coupled with Brandon Knight they may have enough to pull off a blockbuster deal.

Portland Trail Blazers: The Blazers are ripe for a move. They need frontcourt help and it’s a possibility that the team may look into moving C.J. McCollum. The team has struggled and there’s no secret that Nerlens Noel is on their wish list.

Sacramento Kings: The Kings have held on to Rudy Gay for whatever reason but he must be gone by the trade deadline or they will not get anything in return. maybe DeMarcus Cousins can talk him into staying but if the Kings can package Gay and Stein they could get two valuable assets back for the future.

San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs are not big on trades but this may be the season where Pop is forced to make a move at the deadline. A move for Kyle Korver could be in play as the Spurs need a consistent perimeter threat to pair with Danny Green.

Toronto Raptors: The Raptors are another team that should have Noel on their radar. They are in desperate need of a rim protector to help take pressure off Jonas Valanciunas.

Utah Jazz: The Jazz are one of those teams that are solid across the board but injuries have put a damper on their production. Their best move will be to trade Dante Exum and try to get a 2nd round pick for him.

Washington Wizards: The Wizards have continued to decline in the last two seasons and a John Wall move may not be too far off. Bradley Beal was just giving a boat load of cash but he and Wall cannot seem to coexist in the same backcourt. A move for Ricky Rubio and Gorgui Dieng may make the most sense.











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