Nathaniel S Buter~NBAE~Getty Images
Nathaniel S Buter~NBAE~Getty Images

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Nathaniel S Buter~NBAE~Getty Images
Nathaniel S Buter~NBAE~Getty Images

The Great Communicator has finally found the position that he always wanted, after his coaching career came to an end.

The signing of Phil Jackson by the New York Knicks makes sense in every way. Contrary to popular belief, Jackson will succeed as the Knicks President of Basketball Operations.

Jackson’s success as a coach will get challenged immediately in his new role. A team wins a championship and the second or third question asked after the congratulations often ends as something like this,

“…Do you think, that you can do it again?!?,”

In his illustrious career on the bench he recorded 11 NBA titles, surpassing the previous record of nine set by the Boston Celtics legend Red Auerbach and still the Great Communicator is still being questioned.

New York’s current head coach Mike Woodson will finish-out the season, yet  he will not likely earn another season. One reason, Carmelo Anthony. The franchises best player lacks leverage and with or without him Jackson will build a contender.

Rumors have swirled around NBA circles that he wants current TNT Analyst and former NBA guard Steve Kerr, who played for three of his Championship Chicago Bulls teams, as the new head coach and possibly looking at Derek Fisher, who also played for him, as a front-office executive.

All these moves will rapidly change the power structure in the Eastern Conference. Jackson has coached Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. He has shown the ability to get those with different personalities to work for a common goal. Also, it won’t hurt that LeBron James may opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat and Jackson will certainly look into acquiring his services.

The Great Communicator  likes to have the best on his side and he’s not afraid to put out the fires which come with these situations. He got Dennis Rodman apologize to  Jordan and Pippen for using hand-to-hand combat defensive tactics, while a member of the Detroit Pistons.  them when he played for the Detroit Pistons.

It’s not easy being a team owner. Many are self-made men of fortune, who trusted and handed the reins of their franchises to someone who seemed well qualify for the position at the time, only to watch in horror as the fan-base is alienated and the team gets ridiculous on national TV.

That is, what an owner’s life is like. In some circumstances it’s better to stay out of the way, while at the same time taking full responsibility for the failures of others.

Now, thanks to owner James Dolan, Jackson has the opportunity to turn the franchise around.


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