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NBC: There is no competition when it come to Primetime TV

As I sat and watched the NBC Chicago crossover last week, it hit me that NBC is light years ahead of the other major networks in terms of Primetime shows. One can argue Nielsen Ratings and while that may point to the highly popular TGIT lineup for ABC it’s more to it. However, overall the torch has to go to NBC.

This is where I get tired of ratings. They can measure the success of a show or network but it depends on what someone is really glued to. The Bachelor and the Apprentice are not what I can consider shows. They straddled the fence between really long commercials and front window drama. It’s the essence in the creative writing that I like to measure the true success of a network.

Take the Chicago shows like Chicago Fire which was highly successful due to its original scripts that they decided to bring three more shows with the same title along. Now, we have Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and the new, Chicago Justice. What makes these stand out is the crossover power that NBC has to play with. Take the ratings away and focus on storylines. The same cannot be said for CW and their ran through the mud crossover of their superhero lineup that features, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. No real original script ideas there to be played with.

ABC is running a close second and that’s due to the storylines involving Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. Scandal used to be atop the list but with their recycled scripts and over-the-top performances it has began to fade into the back. Designated Survivor has a chance but with the show set to return after a long break it may have left fans looking elsewhere. 

CBS has forgotten what great TV is and has gone more for the old laugh track instead of great drama’s. The Big Bang Theory is still their claim to fame but show like Blue Bloods and Elementary have began to trail off due to the success of Chicago PD and Fire. FOX, for as hard as they try just may need to turn their shows over to Netfilx. Empire was a hit in the first season but has regressed and the new Star is as awful as they come. Lethal Weapon is a slap in the face and 24: Legacy is nowhere near as great as the original.

Which in turn brings us to why NBC is so far ahead. The smash hit since the end of 2016 has been This is Us with its dynamic characters and how can we leave off Law and Order: SVU and the smash hit, The Blacklist? The writing is just superior for NBC. As a TV buff, I’m willing to give any show a try but when the characters become to dry with little to no emotional connection is when I decide to change the channel and look for substance.

Now, I just check the local listings for NBC shows and pray they can keep this streak going.

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Mark Wilson
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