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New Edition: Why they deserve better than a BET movie

In the eyes of many, New Edition is by far the greatest, most influential R&B group of All-Time. It all started in 1978 in Boston Massachusetts where five friends got together and changed history.

They were made in the image of the Jackson 5 but their sound went above what the brothers from Gary Indiana did. For decades they pumped out hits after hits, tours and solo projects that singers today are still trying to copy. But, Hollywood has turned a blind eye to their success. While we’ve been forced to watch movies on Johnny Cash, Tupac, and the Notorious Big, we were left wondering, where is the New Edition film? Have they not done enough to call for such an honor?

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But, with Hollywood dragging their feet, the good folks over at BET decided to do what’s best and give the fans what they want. But, it shouldn’t have come to that.

I’m not here to bash BET, they have done plenty for African-Americans and our culture but, a movie of this magnitude deserve more than commercials every 15 minutes. The cast looks well put together with Bryshere Y. Gray (Micheal Bivens), Algee Smith (Ralph Tresvant), Keith Powers (Ronnie DeVoe), Elijah Kelley (Ricky Bell), Woody McClain (Bobby Brown) and Luke James (Johnny Gill). The cast is superb and the trailer looks awesome but still.

This deserves to be in the theaters where fans get feel the music, share in the laughter and tear with strangers that want to witness the same experience.

But I get it. Michael Jackson has not had his own movie but N.W.A. and Biggie did. Both made their place in history but neither has made the impact that New Edition has. Name your favorite singer and I guarantee you their favorite is the six-member group.

I’m pretty sure that BET has done a wonderful job but the fan in me still wants to see them on the big screen. It’s only right.

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