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New England Patriots: Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson together, so not fair

The New England Patriots will welcome Adrian Peterson into their facility Monday according to Adam Schefter. What this means is the Patriots have a chance to not let Peterson out the door until he signs. Peterson is still the hottest Free Agent left, well, he was the best FA in the market, to begin with after the Minnesota Vikings released him in March. What can the Patriots offer him that other team can?

A ring.

To be honest, there are teams that have a shot at a Super Bowl but how many can say they have a better shot then the defending champs? The Dallas Cowboys come to mind but we must be careful as they may have been a one-year wonder. The Oakland Raiders are legit but too much uncertainty may cloud their path this year. The Green Bay Packers would be a close second to the Patriots but Peterson hasn’t given them the time of day. He met with the Seattle Seahawks and left unsigned and while his name is still being mentioned with other teams, the Pats may be the best fit.

Remember Corey Dillon? He wasn’t nearly as gifted as Peterson but he was on the decline when he signed with New England. How did that work out for both parties? How do 1635 yards and 12 touchdowns sound? Did I mention that was done at the age of 30 following a lackluster 2003 season with the Cincinnati Bengals?

Sounds familiar right?

To pair Peterson in the same backfield with Tom Brady would be like pairing LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the same team. Oh, wait, that already happened. To put it bluntly, this would be unfair to the rest of the league.

If Brady wasn’t suspended the first 4 games of the 2016-17 season, the MVP trophy would be his. So, how can the other 31 teams explain not signing the former MVP while he sits at home deciding which team to join? How can any team sit there and let Bill Belichick and Brady get a shot? The Pats will not have to sell Peterson a dream. All they have to do is walk him through the halls and look at the championships won over the last 10 years. Peterson will see the rich history of players that were left for dead by other teams that Belichick took in and made winners out of.

Signing with the Pats is the best way for Peterson to stick it to Roger Goodell and the Vikings?

We would be fools to think Peterson is done. His body is not like any other RBs in the game today. He has proved us wrong before and his signing with the Patriots would mean everything to his legacy. Call the Pats whatever you want but you still cannot dispute what they ave done when the season is on the line. Add Peterson to a team that features Brady, Rob Gronkoswki, Julian Edelman and now Brandin Cooks and possibly LeGarrette Blount and you have the making of 19-0 season.

Think about that Peterson and Blount duo for a minute.

OK, your minute is up. Now wipe that drool from your mouth. If Blount leaves that still means that Peterson will split time with Dion Lewis. Peterson will still see 200 carries and for a back that averages 4.9 yards an attempt for his career, that will make life easier for the entire offense. The NFL better pray that Peterson is not done looking yet, that he just wants to hear pitches and be wined and dined. Because, if he’s ready to join a team and Belichick and Brady walk him through those halls, sees those rings and looks at their 14-2 record in 2016, game over.



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