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New Orleans Saints: Can Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees coexist?

The Adrian Peterson Free Agency train has finally reached its destination this week. The New Orleans Saints, after visits to the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots are the winners. As Peterson made his rounds, he wasn’t too clear on what his demands were. However, one thing is for certain– he wanted to play with an established QB. First, it was Russell Wilson, then Tom Brady and now, Drew Brees.

Adrian Peterson, unlike a wide percentage of FAs has earned his right to be a tad picky.

The question now is– can he and Brees coexist? Seems like a stupid question but answer me this. Who was the last RB Brees played with that gained 2,000 yards in a season? And, who was the last QB Peterson played with who threw for 5,000 yards in a season? On paper, it looks like a perfect marriage but will egos get in the way?

I say this because as much as they both want to go out as winners, neither has seemed willing to do what’s really necessary. Brees lost players in New Orleans because he wouldn’t restructure his contract and Peterson still wanted to be paid as if he’s 27-years old and not 32. Something had to give.

Pairing Peterson in the same backfield as Brees is a genius move considering the Saints ran the ball 404 times last season. Did those numbers hurt? No– Bress still attempted 673 passes but Mark Ingram is no Peterson. AP would provide Brees the kind of insurance policy he’s never had and vice versa for Peterson with Brees. The pairing could work and be rather explosive. The Saints play in a dome, meaning AP would not have to worry about the cold weather games too much.

The Carolina Panthers play in NFC South where game-day temperatures may drop to 50 degrees. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in Florida and the Atlanta Falcons are another domed team. Their 2017 schedule shows they will only play outside of a dome or cold weather stadium 4 times next season, with one of those games being in London. This may be the perfect team for Peterson.

However, the Saints are still a work in progress. They haven’t reached the playoffs since 2013 with three consecutive 7-9 seasons afterward. Sean Payton must’ve said something magical to Peterson who will be joining a team that is in semi-rebuild mode. But can you really bet against a team with Brees and Peterson? I say you can. No disrespect to Peterson but their offense has been one of the NFLs best without him during their non-wining seasons.

Even if Brees and Peterson can get on the same page, that page may not be strong enough to help both players achieve their ultimate goal together.

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