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New York Giants (Finally) Made Right Call in Exiling Josh Brown from Team, London Trip

It’s never easy when you’re dealing with a domestic abuse case in the NFL and unfortunately for the New York Giants, the one case that they had this year reared its ugly head again.

One that they thought they had put to bed two months ago, but on Thursday, just a few days before a pivotal game in London against the Los Angeles Rams, it smacked them in the face.

The Giants had thought they had did their due diligence with regards to Josh Brown, but apparently, neither the Giants, nor the NFL got on the same page and shared their information they had and let this case turn into a public embarrassment and really get out of hand.

Before the season, the Giants had thought they had all the information needed in Brown’s case, as the NFL suspended him for the Week 1 game and then allowed him to resume play for the next few weeks given the fact that the league knew of his acts, especially the acts that took place in Hawaii during the past Pro Bowl with Brown’s ex-wife and kids needing to be re-located because of Brown’s reported anger in a hotel room.

Somewhere, the Giants didn’t get all the information needed in the Brown case and the NFL didn’t provide the Giants with the information they needed to make a decision on Brown before the 2016 season because if they had known then what they know now, Brown would have never been the Giants kicker this season.

Instead of a Week 1 suspension and re-joining the team for Week 2, Brown probably would have been sent packing; kickers in the league are easy to find and although Brown is an established veteran and a reliable kicker, he’s 37 and only making about $2 million, so sending him on his way wouldn’t have been a big deal.

But the Giants allowed him to resume play and little did they know of this hovering over him because someone failed to communicate to the Giants what they needed to know about Brown. Of course Brown wasn’t going to be forthright in the information because he wanted to keep his job in the NFL and with the Giants.

But lately, the NFL doesn’t have much of a place for people who hit women. It didn’t for Ray Rice, it doesn’t for Greg Hardy and Brown will likely find out that it won’t for him.

Could the Giants have handled this better? Probably. Could the NFL? Most definitely, especially since they knew of the incident that happened in Hawaii. But regardless, Brown is the most guilty party because he committed the crimes against his former wife and kids with his actions. His actions will be the reason why he will be blacklisted from the NFL.

Brown was privileged to consider himself a professional football player, but that same privilege is about to be stripped from him both from the Giants and the NFL, as the Giants are all but moving on from Brown considering they recently signed former Bears kicker Robbie Gould for the remainder of the season; a move that all but signals Brown’s departure from East Rutherford.

With the Giants finding out about Brown’s actions, they have told him that his services were not required for their trip to London this weekend against the Rams; an obvious move the team had to make because they couldn’t condone having a now admitted spouse abuser on their team and allow him to continue to make a living in the NFL.

By telling Brown to stay at home for the London game, the Giants finally made the right choice; one they should have made back in September if the NFL or anyone else had given them all of the information that was required in this situation for them to make the right decision, but regardless, the Giants still made the smart choice.

Which is that Brown is not welcomed with their organization and eventually, he won’t be welcomed to be employed whatsoever in the NFL and he has nobody to blame but himself for his disgusting actions.

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