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New York Giants: Marshawn Lynch could be missing link to Super Bowl

The New York Giants are a running back away from not only taking the NFC East division or NFC but the Super Bowl as well. When the Minnesota Vikings released Adrian Peterson many figured that NY would be his top destination. However, just as fast as he was released, the Giants released a statement saying they would not sign the All-Pro back.

With the recent addition of WR Brandon Marshall, the Giants will now have one of the best aerial attacks in the league. As good as Marshall, Odell Beckham and Eli Manning will be they could be even better with Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch semi-retired at the end of the 2015 season. Now it seems he may want back in. However, in order to do so, the Seattle Seahawks must release him or the Giants will need to offer the Seahawks something in return.

I always got the notion that Lynch was not happy after that goal-line Super Bowl nonsense that cost the Seahawks a championship against the New England Patriots.

If Lynch is indeed ready to play again and would like to move on from the Seahawks, the Giants should be his top destination. However there are reports that he only wants to play for the Oakland Raiders but until Lynch comes out and admits that, he’s fair game.

If he figured the Seahawks offense was dangerous with Russell Wilson and no receivers, imagine what he, Manning and that core of wideouts could do on a weekly basis.

If the Giants cannot convince Lynch to head to Jersey every Sunday they will be forced to rely on a stable of backs that are as unreliable as a Brock Osweiler pass attempt.

Last season the Giants struggled to run the ball which in turn put a damper on one of Manning’s best seasons. The Giants defense was finally healthy in 2016 and the results were top-half of the league good. The Giants are no longer without their starter, Rashad Jennings as they will look to rely on injury-prone Shane Vereen and wet-behind-the-ears, Paul Perkins. Each back brings their own element to the rushing attack but neither is as good as Lynch.

A good running back commands respect. They type of respect that will make a defensive coordinator bring an extra man to the line of scrimmage. Vereen nor Perkins is not that type of runner. Lynch, on the other hand, is. How can a defense stack the line and leave their corners on an island to defend Marshall and OBD one-on-one? How can a DC play a Dime or Nickle package and leave only a seven man front to contend with the power of Lynch?

The Giants will have any team in a pick your poison position on offense.

Each of the Giants rivals in the NFC East has a defense that is built on speed and getting after the QB. The Giants will be able to counter that with strong runs up the middle and switch gears with Perkins hitting the outside and Vereen catching passes out the flat. Nevermind that Lynch is 30. He and Peterson are not your normal running backs. The year off may have added another season or two on his body and he could re-enter the NFL with a chip on his shoulder.

The Giants would be wise to reach out if the rumors of his return are true. All Lynch can say is yes or no, but if he were to say yes, the Giants could very well be celebrating come February.

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