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New York Jets: 4 things we learned against Chiefs

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The Jets went into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon and got a spanking by the Chiefs. They lost 24-3 to them, but it’s how they lost the game that makes it sickening to all Jets fans. After coming off their win against Buffalo, many people were starting to think that the Jets were going to make it a real season. I understand that Arrowhead is a tough place to play in, but that should not be an excuse for why the Jets played as poorly as they did.

Here are four things to take away from this game as the Jets go now to 1-2:

Time of Possession

It is very unlikely to see a football team win and have a less time of possession. In this week three contest, the Chiefs had the ball for 32:05 and the Jets had the ball for 27:55. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that being that the Jets had the ball for 5 minutes and 55 seconds less than the Chiefs, they did not get as much of an opportunity.


This is crucial in any NFL game. I am a firm believer that to win in the NFL, you need not to give your opponents the ball so freely. Apparently, someone forgot to tell the Jets that the guys with the red jerseys are not members of the team. The Chiefs would turn over the ball once in the entire game. On the other hand, the New York Jets turned it over eight times ( six of them came from Fitzpatrick). It is almost like the Jets were confused today and Fitzpatrick wasn’t sure who to throw to.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

As much as you can blame this horrible loss on the Jets coaches, there needs to be some blame on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Here is the stat line for Ryan Fitzpatrick in today’s game: 20/44, 188 yards, 0 touchdowns, and six interceptions. I don’t care who you are, but those numbers are crappy. It has also been said that the QB is the leader on the offense, and when you have numbers like that, you shouldn’t expect to win.


The defense today made Alex Smith look like he was an elite QB. Alex Smith went 25/33 for 237 yards and one touchdown. It should be noted that Alex Smith is not a great QB, but the Jets defense made him look great today.

Overall, this was a terrible loss to the Jets, and it will be interesting to see what the Jets do differently next week. The New York Jets welcome the Seattle Seahawks to Metlife on Sunday afternoon. The Kansas City Chiefs play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

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