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New York Jets : Why QB Geno Smith Needs To Grow Up

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Thanks his decision to fire his agents, New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith and his career are off to a rocky start.

Smith, who many projected to be taken in the top ten, was selected 39th overall in the second round.

While there are conflicting reports of Smith’s pre-draft behavior of texting during meetings with prospective teams and allowing his friends to influence his decision to fire his agents, the bottom line is that Smith needs to get over himself and be grateful to have even been selected in what many experts stated was the weakest quarterback class in a generation.

If there is any motivation and a role model that Smith can point towards, he needs to look no further than to Green Bay and their Super Bowl MVP quarterback in Aaron Rodgers and his now-infamous drop in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft.

While Smith will never be in the same league as Rodgers, other top-tier quarterbacks such as Drew Brees( second round, San Diego Chargers, 32nd overall) and Tom Brady (sixth round, New England Patriots, 199th overall)would also see themselves drafted later than they had hoped and yet did not fire their agents after the draft.

If Smith needs any present-day inspiration, he needs to look no further than Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks(third round and 75th overall) and Colin Kaepernick(second round and 36th overall) of the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers.

Smith has no one to blame but himself for displaying such immaturity in front of a potential new team, and to put this in a real world perspective, if I or any other Joe Schmo texted or wanted to check their Facebook or Twitter in the middle of a job interview, I can all but guarantee myself of not getting that job and prolonging my stay on the unemployment line.

While no one would have ever guessed that E.J. Manuel would be the first quarterback taken in the 2013 NFL Draft, thanks to Smith’s display of child-like petulance, instead of finding himself a first-round pick of the Buffalo Bills, he is now merely the fifth quarterback on a very crowded depth chart playing for that self-absorbed media-circus of a franchise in the Jets, behind the likes of Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Greg McElroy and Matt Simms instead.

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