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New York Knicks: 3 lingering issues Scott Perry must make a decision on

The New York Knicks are moving into a new era for the 2017 season. Gone are the mind games and backstabbing of Phil Jackson and entering is what many hope will be a straight forward approach of new GM, Scott Perry. If the Knicks are to get from under this dark cloud they’ve been under for the past few years, it all starts with the decisions that Perry must make in the next coming months.

Here are 3 issues Perry must make decisions on before the start of the 2017 season.


What To Do With Carmelo Anthony?

This will be Perry’s biggest hurdle as the new GM. What to do with Carmelo Anthony. To be honest, Perry’s hands are tied behind his back. Carmelo has the final say in where he goes and all Perry can do is find a team that Carmelo wants to go to and try his best to walk away with assets that will help the Knicks in the future. Perry has to understand the love that Carmelo has for the city but Melo may soured on the organization after James Dolan and Phil Jackson tried to trade him and throw him under the bus this offseason. Should Perry try to restore Melo’s faith in the Knicks or should he brush it off and look to rebuild?


Find A Trade Partner For Joakim Noah Or Release Him

Noah has been a bust since coming to the Knicks. Noah was injured for half the season but while he was on the floor he only produced five points and nine rebounds per. That’s too low for a player making close to $18M per. There’s not much that Perry can do with Noah. How many teams are willing to take on that huge of a contract for a player who resides on the injured reserved list? The Knicks best option may be to just cut their losses and go with Kyle O’Quinn.


Give Jeff Hornacek Back Control Of The Team

Hornacek is a good coach but he was put in a tough spot with Phil Jackson. Jackson believes that the Triangle offense he won 11 championships with is still relevant in today’s NBA. It’s not. While he was sitting in the Suites, he still hand his finger on the pulse of the team or should we say the neck of Jeff. Jackson has been through a handful of coaches during his term with the Knicks and now we see why none of the bigger names wanted to take the job. Jackson is and always will be a control freak. He hired Jeff who runs a proficient high-paced offense but Jackson wanted the Triangle to be implemented. The Triangle is a spacing offense which did nothing but slow the Knicks down in 2016. For the Knicks to move on, Perry must give control of the team back to Hornacek and let him coach the way he has throughout his career. If Perry wants to earn back the trust of the players, this is how you do it. Let the coach be a coach a let the GM worry about salary caps.


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