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New York Knicks: Do not point the finger at Derrick Rose

The New York Knicks may be on the verge of breaking their team down. Per reports, they have taken calls in regards to possible trades with a few teams including the Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s not the fact that the Knicks are trying to trade Derrick Rose, this is a business, but I hope that they’re not making Rose their scapegoat for this dismal season.

At first, it was Carmelo Anthony taking the blame and when that didn’t work they have now turned their focus to Rose. To be fair, the season has been a waste but when Rose has been on the court he’s been anything but unreliable. For the season, Rose has averaged 18 points and five assists. It’s not his play that has the Knicks looking to make a deal, it’s the contract that may make Rose expendable.

Rose contracts call for him to make $18.8M this season and with his sights set on free agency he’s expecting another large payday and this may be the main reason why Phil Jackson is fielding calls. To be fair to the Knicks, there are cheaper options at PG. If Rose were to be traded the Knicks will need to go after Ricky Rubio. Rubio needs a change of scenery after too many disappointing seasons in Minnesota. The bright side is, a trade will rid themselves of Rose’s contract and let themselves off the hook so they won’t be forced to indulge in a bidding war for his services next season if he continues to play they way he has. With Rubio, he’s set to make $13.7M but his contract runs until 2019.

This move is not contingent on what Anthony decides to do. This is Jackson saying he messed up and is now looking for a way out. He never said that Rose was a one and done player when he arrived in NY. Jackson, like many of us, expected the Knicks to be contenders and if they were, he more than likely would have found a way to sign Rose to an extension. But, losing will have an effect on all business decisions and right now Jackson and the Knicks have decided that Rose is not worth the money.

Please remember that this is not an on court decision, this is business. The Knicks troubles go well beyond Rose’s contract and lack of assists. The finger and blame should not be pointed his way. If you think about it, the Knicks may be doing Rose a favor by letting him go elsewhere. No more drama. He may end up on another losing team but he can rest easy at night knowing it wasn’t his fault the Knicks underachieved.



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