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New York Knicks: If Kyrie Irving comes, Carmelo Anthony goes, then only Cavs win this deal right?

The New York Knicks and Kyrie Irving must be careful what they wish for. Irving has said he wishes to play for the Knicks if the Cleveland Cavaliers were to trade him. The Knicks are still pondering what to do with their own star Carmelo Anthony. There are rumors that there could be a possible trade between the two teams involving Irving, Carmelo, Kevin Love and Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns. It seems like a great swap of players but the question is– will it work?

The rumor is that the Knicks will get Irving, the Cavs get Anthony and Bledsoe and the Suns will get Kevin Love and Frank Ntilikina.

All teams look to be winners here but the players not so much. It’s one thing to get talent but what happens when you’re a player like Irving leaving a team who went to three straight NBA Finals to a team with just Kristaps Porzingis? But as Irving stated– he wants to be THAT guy on his own team. Be careful Kyrie what you ask for.

The Cavs will come out the clear winners in this deal if they can indeed land Carmelo and Bledsoe. But the Knicks and Irving– not so much.

The Knicks are in rebuild mode and that statement holds true even with Anthony on the team. However, if Scott Perry can somehow find a way to screw the Cavs and Suns over and manage to keep Carmelo while still getting Irving then the Knicks have a chance to hit a #3 seed in the East. But that’s unlikely to happen. If Kyrie comes to New York he will be the man. He will get his wish but he will also go back to winning 25 games instead of 50.

Irving and Porzingis will make a great 1-2 combo but so did Irving and LeBron. Is Irving’s desire to be the focal point that large that he’s willing to sacrifice a chance at another Finals appearance for the foreseeable future just to be mentioned as a franchise player? The Knicks would love to make this deal as it will rid them of Carmelo and the unseen potential of Ntilikina. But how long before Irving realizes that winning with Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr, and Joakim Noah is not going to happen? Yes, he will still be mentioned as one of the best PG’s in the league but annual trips to his couch to watch Stephen Curry and now Carmelo in the Finals may take its toll.

Carmelo comes out ahead on this deal and so does Bledsoe but Love and Irving both lose.

The Knicks are facing a similar situation that the Los Angeles Lakers once did. As great of a history as the franchise has– they could not bring in a top free agent. Now, Kyrie and Porzingis are great building blocks for the future and should cause some eyes to shift their way when players are looking but who wants to play with a player who quits a winning team because he wants to be the man? How can another professional player respect that? What happened if the losing starts and Irving begins to cry that he wants out of New York?

Getting Irving is a great deal but if they lose Melo as well then what’s the point for Irving? Is averaging 30 points and six assists that important to him?

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