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New York Knicks: Is it time for Madison Square Garden to lower prices?

The New York Knicks are still one of the marquees teams in the NBA. Their record and reputation may have taken a beating but their NAME is still mentioned with the like of the Los Angels Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics as a hot ticket. But how HOT should that ticket be considering the team has not won more than 40 games in 4 seasons? The Knicks have a loyal fan base but in order to keep them happy, they must make their first adjustment at Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks, despite their porous record still managed to rank 5th in the NBA in attendance. But here’s the thing– why?

There are two NBA teams in New York City. The Knicks reside in Manhattan while the Brooklyn Nets are in Brooklyn. There is not another set of teams who are that close in proximity. What’s so weird is that for two teams to be so close together, they are far apart. The Nets invaded NY hailing from New Jersey to steal away some of the Knicks thunder. They may not have stolen the hearts of Knicks fans but they did add a playoff atmosphere the city has been lacking in the NBA.

Now, both teams struggling and yet the Knicks still sell out almost every game. That’s not anything to be amazed at per say but with the Knicks lowest ticketed price is in the range 0f $70-75 dollars. That’s amazing, to say the least. For fans with smaller pockets, the Nets are the hottest and cheapest tickets around.  Nose-bleed Nets seat will cost you in the range of $6-15 dollars on StubHub depending on the opponent. The only time you may pay close to $50 for a Nets ticket is if the Cavs or Warriors are in town.

What I have always found funny is the price difference for the Nets vs Knicks games.

In Brookyn it will cost you $30, while in Manhattan the price is still $70. Needles to say, I attend those games in Barclay’s.

With the Knicks in a bit of turmiol, there has been no statement that ticket prices will be reduced but they should. At least reward fans with someting as they have to sit and watch this embarrsemmt of a team. There are no All-Stars left on the Knicks as Carmelo Anthony was left off, so why the big price? The Nets have no All-Stars and prices gives you the indication of that.

Should the Knicks lower their prices? Yes. But will they? No.

Madison Square Garden is the most famous areana in the NBA and just like anthing else in NY– its overpriced.  There is one thing I will say about the Garden that holds true. There is not a bad seat in the house. No matter where you’re seated– you will feel like you’re on top of the action. I love that experience. I just hate it after I check my bank account and ask why I just spent $100 on a team who will go on to win 25 games?






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