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New York Knicks: James Dolan screws up again with hiring of Scott Perry for GM

Just for once can James Dolan do something right for the New York Knicks? It’s been mistake after mistake for Dolan for the past few years and Thursday afternoon was no different. When the Knicks and Phil Jackson finally decided to part ways it left the Knicks with no one to run the team per say. However, there was a person suitable to be that guy but he was never brought to the forefront– Allan Houston. Instead, Dolan went outside the family, yet again and hired Sacramento Kings Executive– Scott Perry.

As soon as the news dropped I read statuses where Knicks fans wrote: “Who the hell is Scott Perry”? Can you blame them? I mean, who is Perry and what has he done that makes him the perfect fit for the Knicks?

This is not an ideal situation for Perry to be walking into. Much like it wasn’t for Jackson. The Knicks are in the middle of a tug-o-war between Dolan and players and Dolan and the fans. What is Perry supposed to do? Why didn’t Dolan just hire Houston who knows the team and the issues firsthand and let a familiar face make the necessary adjustments? Now the Knicks will put the pressure on Perry to either trade Carmelo Anthony or find a way to make their star happy.

This was a classic “If it all goes wrong, we have a person to put the blame on” move by Dolan. He will no longer be the scapegoat. Why do you hire someone who’s been in the Kings front office for less that 5 months to run one of the NBA’s most storied franchises?

Perry has been around the league as he’s helped the Seattle Supersonics draft Kevin Durant and was in office when the Detroit Pistons with the title in 2004 but was he THE man there? Perry was one of the many faces in a room full of shirt and ties and now he gets to run the Knicks. The main person Dolan should have gone for if Houston didn’t want the job was Sam Hinkie.

Hinkie knows a thing or two about rebuilding and his skill set was exactly what the Knicks needed at this point. But Dolan does what he does best. He made a decision without putting the Knicks best interest first.

Welcome to New York Scott Perry. Word of advice– keep one eye on the team and the other on Dolan.


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