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New York Knicks: Patrick Ewing To The Rescue?

It has to hurt every New Yorker’s heart to see their beloved New York Knicks go through such a tough time the last few years. There was a glimmer hope six years ago when the Knicks traded for Carmelo Anthony but nothing has panned out from that but two early playoff exits and a ton of turmoil that we’ve seen come to a head this season. 

How can the Knicks right the ship?

To begin, James Dolan has to admit to himself that there is a problem and admit that he made it. His first mistake was bringing in Phil Jackson. Jackson has blinded the league with his 12 rings and the mirage that HE actually earned those himself. It’s easy to coach a Michael Jordan, Kobe Byrant, Shaquille O’Neill and Scottie Pippen but, if you really want to impress us, come down from the suite and make Carmelo Anthony a champion. Pull a Pat Riley, take the reins and turn a mess into an opportunity.

Jackson came in and made some great moves as he tried to clear cap space but his one fault during that time was the search and hiring of a head coach. He wanted a puppet, someone he could control from his office while he talked to Jeanie Buss on the phone. There was Kurt Rambis, Derek Fisher, and a Steve Kerr sighting until he finally rested on Jeff Hornacek. However, Jackson, the Executive in control of Basket Operations for the Knicks still thinks he’s on the sidelines as he wants to install the Triangle into an offense he doesn’t coach. Hell, he’s not even an assistant coach but he wants to the team to run schemes his way.

There needs to be a reset, and it must happen now.

The Knicks may go the route that the Los Angles Lakers have gone by bringing in the one person at loves the Lakers more than the Buss family. Magic Johnson. The Knicks have a player like that who has been waiting in the wing for years to get his shot as a head coach. Patrick Ewing. For the life of me I can’t figure out why Ewing is not the lead guy in any NBA city but it baffles me as to why Dolan has not swallowed his pride and reached out to the Knicks legend and offered him the job.

Ewing has definitely earned his stripes in the league as a player, then as an assistant but his dream job has eluded him. Dolan saw rings and Jackson saw an opening to pull a Chip Kelly and take control of the franchise. At some point, Dolan has to demand his team back but is it too late? Has Jackson run the team that far into the ground that no one can dig it back up? No. This is where Ewing comes in.

Ewing has been an assistant with the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and now the Charlotte Hornets. Remember when Dwight Howard was considered the best Center in the NBA? Who do you think was there to mold him? Look at the Hornets bigs in Cody Zeller and Frank Kaminsky. Both are playing the best ball of their careers, and who’s right there with the guidance? Imagine what he could do with Kristaps Porzingis and Kyle O’Quinn if given the chance.

His presence alone could not save the Knicks but I can tell you this, he will not bow down to Jackson the way Dolan and Hornacek has. The Knicks faithful will not let that happen. Jackson has the rings but players like Ewing and Charles Oakley has the city’s heart. Not even Dolan can say that.

It’s time the Knicks bring their favorite son home so he can right the ship that has been lost at sea since he left.

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Mark Wilson
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