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New York Knicks: Phil Jackson is a contender for Executive of the Year

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You could easily make a case for Phil Jackson being General Manager of the Year.

I know the season is still about a month away from beginning, but Phil Jackson is quickly making a strong case for General Manager of the Year. He became the executive of the New York Knicks before the 2014 season as he took over from Steve Mils. In his first season as the executive of the Knicks, they went 37-45 and ended up in 9th place. In his year two, the Knicks would end up going 17-65 and have one of the worst seasons in the Knicks history. After last season had ended the way it did, many Knicks fans were calling for the New York sports radio world and wanted Phil Jackson out, and there were people who were wondering if he would ask to get a buyout.

After last season, the Knicks fired Derek Fisher and would end up hiring Jeff Hornacek in the middle of June. After they hired him, the Knicks would start making moves to bolster their offense. They would end up getting Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday, Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee, Brandon Jennings and Marshall Plumlee. They also got rid of a lot of their players who were not helping the team. With who the Knicks ended up getting, it is safe to say that the Knicks are planning on going for a possible run this season.

It is understandable that the season has not started yet and this is a long shot, but with what Phil Jackson has done that he could get the award for the General Manager of the Year. He has done a lot in one offseason that has brought optimism back to a team that has not had that in many years. The NBA season gets started in a little bit over a month from now. It will be interesting to see how the Knicks do this season.

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