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New York Mets: David Wright holding team hostage with No Trade Clause

The New York Mets will never win a World Series as long as David Wright is on the team. I mean no disrespect to Wright, he is one hell of a player but what exactly has he done during the Mets back-to-back postseason runs?

During that historic run to the World Series in 2015, Wright played in only 38 regular season games. He made it back to the playoffs but turned around in 2016 and managed only 37 games. I get injuries happen in baseball but to have what was then, the face of your franchise and highest paid player not even play for half a season is heartbreaking. If Wright is not able to go, then what are the Mets to do?

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They fell so in love with Wright and his potential that the Mets basically mortgaged their future on a bad back to the tune of $67M for the next 4 years. It’s not just the money that’s an issue, that can be worked around but it’s the fine print in the contract that has the Mets ready to shoot themselves. Wright has a full no-trade clause, which in short screws the Mets unless he decides otherwise.

Now, we get to see what type of person Wright is. Not the former All-Star 3rd Basemen but the man in general. Wright has to know that his body is not what it use to be and he’s not getting any younger either. Wright will be 34 by the start of the 2017 season and by the looks of it the Mets may have moved on by bringing back Jose Reyes.

Wright is no longer the face of the franchise, Yoenis Cespedes is. But, imagine how different the team would look if they didn’t have Wright’s contract keeping them from adding more talent to a roster that can make another World Series run?

With Wright waiving his no trade the Mets could put him on the block and go after a player like Miguel Cabrera or hit the free agent market for Mitch Moreland or Chris Carter. Not saying they still can’t but that $20M owed for the 2017 season to Wright is too much for the team to keep continuing to swallow for the next 4 years.

Is Wright a team first guy or me first guy? I say the Mets need to call his bluff and see who he really is. Put him on the block and see what happens.

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Mark Wilson
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