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NFL: AFC’s Best Divisional Players

(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)
(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)

With the NFL is diverse and as wide open as it’s ever been, there are many great players in each division that are considered by many to be the best. Below are the top players in each division of the AFC.


AFC North — A.J. Green: I’ve been so high on Green throughout his career. He had an immediate impact on the Bengals offense as a rookie and has been the rock to that team’s offense since he was drafted by them. He’s a physical receiver. At 6’4, he has long arms, great ability to jump for the football and he catches just about everything thrown in his direction. He’s the second best wide receiver behind Calvin Johnson and the best receiver in the AFC as we speak.

He also draws so much attention that others around him are given one on one opportunities on the field to make plays.

AFC East — Tom Brady: Last year just showed us all how vital of a piece Tom Brady is to his football team. After losing Wes Welker to Denver, Rob Gronkowski to injury, Brandon Lloyd, Deion Branch to free agency and Aaron Hernandez being arrested and charged with murder, we all wondered who would Brady get the football too?

He worked with what he had around him and had the Patriots one game away from the Super Bowl for the third straight season. Brady has never had a big name receiver other than Randy Moss but he works with what he has around. You can always count on No. 12 to lead the Patriots week in and week out and he will always have them playing January football.

AFC South — J.J. Watt: As a former defensive lineman myself, seeing top-notch quality defensive linemen has been rare. Watt is a once in a lifetime player. He’s the best defensive player still in the game today and you have to prepare for him and watch film on him like you would for an offensive player. He’s that much of a force and you have to get to him before he gets past you.

Most dominant pass rushers often rush off the edge but Watt can also play inside on the guard and get to the quarterback. He’s become one of the best all around players in football. He has excellent footwork, good vision, a relentless motor and he can swat the ball away when he can’t get to the quarterback. Houston has a star on defense that can make everyone around him better.

AFC West — Peyton Manning: Just two seasons ago, so many questions came about him and his neck. Would he be able to take a hit?

In 2012, he signed with Denver and led the Broncos to eleven straight victories and the one seed in the AFC playoffs. Despite an early playoff exit that year, Manning was awarded with the NFL Comeback Player Of The Year award. 2013, he made history by becoming the first quarterback to throw 55 touchdown passes in a single season then he’d be rewarded with his fifth league MVP award.

With Manning under center, Denver will be a force in the AFC and will be one of the last four teams standing to see who goes to the Super Bowl.

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