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NFL: Eagles Fans Voted Most Hated Fanbase In Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Magazine recently published a piece revealing the worst people, places, and things in the NFL. Among the categories, which included Most Hated Team, Most Hated Coach, and Most Hated Owner, was Most Hated Fanbase.

Most likely due to the recent “Deflategate” scandal, The New England Patriots dethroned the Dallas Cowboys as most hated team in the league, while Patriots head coach BIll Belichick was voted most hated coach. Meanwhile Redskins owner Dan Snyder was voted most hated owner,

Of course, the big winner for Most Hated Fanbase was the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles fans have been known for their passion for many, many years. They have also been known for several times where that passion for their Eagles ventured across the fine line of reality.

Not surprisingly, one of the first examples they used for their reasoning was the infamous 1968 incident in which Eagles fans, frustrated and fed up with the team’s extremely poor play, pelted a fan who came on the field dressed as Santa Claus as part of the half time festivities.

It’s not the first time that Philadelphia fans were given this kind of “honor”, and it probably won’t be the last. Of course, for Philadelphia fans it’s pretty much just the “same old, same old”.

The thing is, they know they have a bad rap due to some previous incidents involving a few select idiots, and frankly it has gotten to the point where Eagles fans, and all fans in Philadelphia for that matter, have heard this said about them so many times that it’s not even worth fretting over.

Aside from the “Throwing Snowballs at Santa” incident, other examples that were included were: The fact that a jail and a courtroom with a legitimate practicing judge was installed at Veterans Stadium, Eagles fans cheering when Cowboys WR Michael Irvin was laying on the field with what turned out to be a career-ending injury, and Eagles fans loudly booing the team for picking Donovan McNabb.

While there is more to the story for each of those incidents, that still does not take away from them being some of the most embarrassing moments in Philadelphia Sports. Even with all of that said, these are things that happened many years ago.

The article ended by stating that “every fanbase is unfortunately defined by the minority who do stupid stuff like this, but it seems that Eagles fans are more defined than any other group.” It was nice to see them acknowledge that every fanbase has one or two bad apples, but it’s not all that surprising that Eagles fans find themselves voted as the most hated fanbase in the league.

Heck, Eagles fans know other fans don’t like them, and frankly they really don’t care. All they care about is their beloved Eagles.

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