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NFL News: Tom Brady should not be eligible for MVP

There is no way that I can take away what Tom Brady has done on the field or what he means to the New England Patriots or the NFL. But, there must be a line drawn in the sand somewhere and the league, owners, players and fans must take a stand.

Brady was guilty of violating NFL rules. Not hitting his spouse or kids, failed a drug test but he knowingly cheated the game while participating in said game. For his actions, he was suspended for the first four games of the 2016-17 season.

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Since his return, the Patriots have been on a roll with a record of 8-1 while Brady himself has thrown for 2876 yards, 22 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and a completion percentage of 69%. His stats will suggest he deserves the NFL MVP Award but does that mean he should get it?

According to, Brady has passed Derek Carr as the favorite to win with four fewer games than the Oakland Raiders QB. Despite his stats and his standing with the Patriots, the facts still remain that he was suspended for cheating. If the NFL found him guilty enough to suspend then they should penalize him from any award as well.

Not to say that Brady’s case is different from other’s that were suspended but in a way it is. He was suspended for something that happened on the field, not off. While fans may argue that he didn’t do it, the facts have shown that he knew. Brady accepted the punishment, admitting guilt and that’s enough to say, that a cheater should not be rewarded.

By giving him the MVP, the NFL is saying that is all forgiven. Well, it’s not. If that’s the case then Pete Rose should be in the MLB Hall of Fame. You don’t have to treat Brady like Rose but he must continue to be held accountable for the season. Ray Rice doesn’t have a job due to an off the field issue so, why is Brady allowed to be awarded for his actions? Yes, he served his suspension but not once has he apologized or shown any remorse.

It doesn’t matter if he wins or not. What matters is that he’s eligible in the first place.

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