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NFL: NFC’s Best Divisional Players

(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America)
(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America)

Much like my column talking about the best players in the AFC, there are many great players in each division of the NFC. Below are the top NFL players in each division.


NFC North — Aaron Rodgers: This division has many playmakers. Calvin Johnson, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall to name a few along with Adrian Peterson. All those guys could be the best player in that division but my vote now is going to Aaron Rodgers. Look at how much the Packers missed him when he went down with that collarbone injury and look at how much of a difference he made when he came back when the NFC North division title was on the line.

He does it all.

He can scramble outside the pocket and make plays with his feet, can throw the ball on the run and can gun it down the field from the pocket.  Nobody is better at throwing the back shoulder fade better than Rodgers. Fact.

NFC East — LeSean McCoy: In a league where it’s pass-savvy, running backs can still put up some impressive numbers. That’s been the case with McCoy. He’s a finesse running back but has the speed to get past anyone trying to stop him. He isn’t the type of running back to gain yards after contact, but he has the speed and agility to break tackles along with exceptional footwork. He has the agility to cut back, plant that foot and break away from defenders all over the field.

Shady is the best at creating missed tackles. He will be a very vital piece to an offense in Philadelphia who’ll be without DeSean Jackson.

NFC South — Drew Brees: Since coming to the Saints, Brees has put up MVP-type numbers year in and year out and he’s put New Orleans Saints football back on the map. He’s the heart and soul of the Saints and has shown everyone that you can be successful as a quarterback even if you’re under 6’2. The motto with the Saints offense is simple. If you’re down the field and you’re open, you will get the football, plain and simple.

He makes everybody around him better and has great control of that offense in the Big Easy. You take him away from the Saints and you’ll see a team who will struggle to win games.

NFC West — Richard Sherman: The man has said he’s the best at what he does. Numbers don’t lie. Over the last three seasons, Sherman has 20 interceptions. A very key piece to one of the best defenses in the game today, Sherman is a big defensive back with long arms, great footwork and is truly is a shutdown cornerback. He prefers facing bigger receivers, as opposed to other DB’s in the slot. Sherman brings so much energy and swagger to the “Legion of Boom” and the cornerback position that he could go down as one of the best to play the position.

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