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NFL Trade Deadline: 3 teams that must make moves for second half

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The NFL Trade Deadline is on Tuesday afternoon and while some teams are riding high, there are teams still looking to add a piece or two. The Deadline is when you will see who believes that have what it takes or that are content with staying average. The NFL is not like MLB and NBA where you will see big names switching teams but this could be the year where that trend stops. QB’s are not in as high regard as they once were but RB’s and WR’s are still needed for most.

Here are 3 teams that must make a move:

Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles have been a surprise this season but there are still holes they must fill. The Eagles ground game is in shambles as Ryan Mathews has failed to live up to expectations placed on him this season as the featured runner. If the Eagles are to extend their season beyond 16 games they must find a quality RB. Alfred Morris has been a name mentioned as a person of interest. If the Eagles were to make a trade for the Dallas Cowboys back, he will sure up a need that could lead them deep into the playoffs.

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Oakland Raiders:

The Raiders are another surprise team that cannot afford to let the season continue at its current pace. The Offense is top-notch but the defense needs to be redesigned. The secondary is one of the worst in the league, as the Raiders rank 27th in total passing  yards allowed. If they can plug this hole it will force teams to find other ways to conquer a unit that is still learning on the fly. The talent is there but the secondary, after the retirement of Charles Woodson is not the same. The name floating in the wind has been Antonio Cromartie. He’s still young at 32 and possess the cover skills that can easily shut down one side of the field.

Minnesota Vikings:

As great as the Vikings have been this season they are still one piece of the puzzle from being a dominant team. Sam Bradford has been outstanding but his primary targets could use an upgrade of sorts. The Vikings have relied on the speed of Stefon Diggs this season but he has had that one great game and nothing of major importance since. The Viking must hit the phones and ask about the services of WR’s DeSean Jackson, Torrey Smith or Alson Jeffery. Smith is more of a deep threat as a one-trick pony but Jackson and Jeffery can provide more that a GO-Route. If Bradford can check down off Diggs and have an option of said three mentioned above, the Vikings will have a potential deadly offense. Oh, there is still the return of Adrian Peterson.

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