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Nintendo: Should I Buy or Sell Company Stock?

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There are conflicting reports with Nintendo right now.  That’s why I’m going to make a case as to why you should buy and sell shares when it comes to Nintendo.

The reason to buy Nintendo Stock is simple.  Pokemon Go has doubled Nintendo’s revenue.  Pokemon Go has influenced a lot of people and continues to get hundreds of thousands of downloads by the second.

There is another reason to sell Nintendo.  There are some reports emerging that Nintendo could drop as much as $4,000 and 12 percent in stock.  That’s the concern.

I’m going to say buy Nintendo right now, but try to sell it by the end of the week if you are looking to make a quick profit.  Nintendo was worth $20 billion before the release of Pokemon Go.  Now Nintendo is worth 39.882 billion thanks to the dominance Pokemon Go has had on mobile devices.  Sony is only worth slightly above 38 billion.

The bottom line is this.  Pokemon Go has put Nintendo back in the top spot in the console wars with Sony and Microsoft.  As long as Pokemon Go is considered popular in communities you want to buy shares in Nintendo.

The original Pokemon games had a huge impact on kids in the late 90’s.  Pokemon fans have finally witnessed the full potential of one of their products when Nintendo wisely opted to release the Video Game on Mobile devices.

I think we will see other Video Game companies take this route in the future with apps growing and evolving by the second.  Can you imagine how much Sony would profit if they made a Metal Gear Solid for Android and IOS or if Microsoft designed a Halo game for Mobile devices.  Seeing what Nintendo did with Pokemon Go should give those two ideas on how to maximize their products potential.

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