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Oakland Raiders: Buy or sell against the Denver Broncos?

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This week the Oakland Raiders face a tough divisional opponent in the Denver Broncos. In this early battle for the outright division lead, the Raiders are going to have to have one of their best performances. Is it possible for the Raiders to be leading the division after week 9? Are you buying or selling a Raiders victory?

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In what might be one of the best games of the weekend the battle for AFC West supremacy will take place. The Broncos will travel into the black hole where teams, this season, have had the most success against the Raiders. Out of the Raiders 8 games this year, they are 5-0 on the road and 1-2 at home. It seems that if you want to play the Raiders, it should be in Oakland.

The advantage for Oakland is going to be on defense. They have a solid speed rusher in Kalil Mack. Last season in one game against the Broncos he went for five sacks against then QB Brock Osweiler. This season he faces a young Trevor Siemian. Siemian is often seen as a better answer to the Broncos offense. However, if Siemian is not standing, he cannot be effective. Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen that the Broncos offense is susceptible speed rushers. That plays right into the Oakland Raiders hands.

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For the Oakland Raiders offense to stay in this game, they are going to have to keep the vaunted Denver Broncos defense off the field. I do not feel that, even though a young Raiders offense is better than 2015, they can withstand a constant barrage of pass rush from the Broncos defense. This is where the game gets interesting. It is going to come down to the first team to make a big mistake in the game, for the Raiders it could also come down to youth. This will be the biggest game of the season for them. If they can sustain drives and keep the Broncos off balance, they have a legitimate shot.

This game is going to be hard fought. It is one of the best rivalries in the game today. With both teams being relevant in their division again, the fight is only going to be heightened. This could come down to one big mistake or play. I think the Raiders make it. I am buying an Oakland Raiders victory Sunday Night!

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