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Oakland Raiders Trade Rumors: 3 players they should target

The NFL Trade Deadline is approaching and the Oakland Raiders are on the clock. The team is 5-2 and still have ways to go but the defense must fill a few gaping holes. There is a need for any kind of secondary help the Raiders can find on the market. If the Raiders can get a player or two to fill the gap by November 1st they will surely put themselves in a position to be one of the favorites to come out of the AFC.

Here are 3 players the Raiders should target.


Antonio Cromartie (FA)

Cromartie needs the Raiders just as much as the Raiders need him. The Raiders have been known to give players second chances during their career and this is just what Cromartie needs now after what happened with the Colts. The Raiders secondary is a complete disaster despite their 5-2 record. The Raiders rank 32 in passing yards allowed and 24th in passing TD allowed. If Cromartie came come in and shut half the filed down that will give the front seven time to get to and pressure the QB. If the Raiders are to be taken as serious contenders then that secondary needs to be shored up. When you play in a division with Demaryius Thomas, Philip Rivers, and Jeremy Maclin you must be on point for four quarters. They have managed to get away with it so far but there will come a time when a play needs to be made. Cromartie is only 32 years old and is still known as one of the best cover corners in the NFL.

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Brent Celek (Eagles)

Every QB, especially a young one needs a good TE. Not to take anything away from Clive Walford or Lee Smith but 22 reception will not cut it in this league from a TE. Carr needs an insurance policy in the middle of the field and Celek is that guy. Celek is behind in the depth chart in Philadelphia and still has some gas left in the tank. He has had productive seasons but the Eagles have moved on to a younger player. Besides, Celek is a throwback of sorts. He may be one of a handful of TE left in the league that actually takes pride in the pass and run blocking and for a team that features three strong RB’s, Celek’s skills are right up their alley.

Joe Haden (Browns)

If the Raiders can’t get Cromartie then they may want to call the browns and see if they are open for a trade for Haden. The Brown should be in complete Fire Sale mode and everyone should be on the table. They may not have much but Haden is a player that could draw some return. For the same reason, the Raiders should go after Cromartie is the reason they need to go after Haden. Now, here is the good part. Cromartie is on the market, just floating there and can be picked up. Haden will cost, but who’s to say the Raiders can’t snag both. If that were to happen they will surely fill the holes in the secondary.

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