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Philadelphia 76ers: Just be patient, they are trying

The Philadelphia 76ers have moved on from their “tanking” ways and have formed their best team in seasons. Their frontcourt will be one the best in the NBA but the issues the 76ers will face will be with their PG situation. Or so we thought.

With the news the Ben Simmons and now possibly Nerlens Noel will miss some time, it may all come crashing down once again for the 76ers. Their main problem heading into the season were their shortcomings at the PG position but now they have too many issues.

I thought Ish Smith did a wonderful while with the team, but management thought otherwise as they let the free agent walk and decided that journeyman Jerryd Bayless was a better option. Smith averaged 15 points and seven assists per but the team figured that was too much production coming from the lead spot, so he had to go.

Enter Bayless and his career nine points and three assists per game. This is exactly what the team needs to climb themselves out the bottom of the Eastern Conference basement. This is the same with Allen Iverson and then Michael Carter-Williams, it’s as if they are terrified of having a strong player at the position. With that one mistake of letting Smith go the team just set themselves back at least another season or two.

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With a versatile frontcourt that was to feature rookie, Ben Simmons and his slashing ability, Jahlil Okafor with his low post moves, Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid controlling the paint, a good PG could easily squeeze 10 assists per night with this lineup. If Bayless is given the keys to run the offense he must find a shot, but most importantly he must learn to run an offense. Why would the 76ers let a player go that already had chemistry and bring in a new guy to help a team that he must learn?

But now what? What will the team do with a roster that’s not fit to win 15 games again? This is not on the 76ers entirely. They did not draft an injured player, they were looking to win this year but that dark cloud continues to hover over them. If Simmons were to sit our the entire year, the 76ers would surely be in contention for the top pick again in 2017. This is not a “Trust the Process” move. This was just bad luck for a team that finally had

climbed out of the pit only to see themselves right back in it.

Give them time, this was not their plan.

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Mark Wilson
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