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Philadelphia 76ers Rumors: Is it better to tank or trade in 2016?

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What are the Philadelphia 76ers going to do this season? They have their hands tied at the moment but by the start of the season, they must make a decision. The 76ers have two options. Do they trade away one of their frontcourt players, Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel? Or do they keep them and tank the season away like they have for the past several years?

With the injury to Ben Simmons, it looks as if their top draft pick will miss at least 2 months (according to Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon) but will the 76ers be wise to rush him back? Two months may not seem that long but that’s close to half the season and with the roster the team has, the season may be over by then. The team is thinking January for Simmons return but with rumors that Simmons agent doesn’t want him to play this year, it could be longer.

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The 76ers are no stranger to injured draft picks as they have kept Noel and Embiid out for their entire rookie seasons due to injuries and not wanting to rush them back. Will this be the case again this year? If this is their goal then the team must really look into trading away one of their big men to get primed for next year. With Simmons out the team will easily challenge the Brooklyn Nets for the worst record in the league again for the No.1 pick.

If they were to trade one of their bigs they could get a valuable player or two in return or a high draft pick considering the team. No matter how you look it the 76ers are still loaded in the frontcourt with neither of the three capable of playing the SF position. Their main focus should be the backcourt as they do not have any player that is capable of becoming a leader. There are players out there that teams may we willing to trade like, Ricky Rubio, Michael Carter-Williams or Eric Bledsoe to name a few. Now, if the 76ers were able to snag one of them plus a high draft pick when Simmons is fully healthy next season then we can expect some fire.

The team has options but will the fans stick around long enough to go through another “trust the process” phase? As a native of Philadelphia, I’ve seen it all with the 76ers and to be honest, I’m tired of trusting any process. I’m ready to see them win but there must be some bold moves and decisions made in the next coming months if that is to happen.

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