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Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Questions for 2017

The Philadelphia Eagles started 2016 with a bang but injuries and inconsistent play have them looking ahead to the 2017 season. What moves will they need to make in order to become the team they were in the beginning of this season? Carson Wentz is a great starting point but he’s not the only answer. Howie Roseman and crew will have to dig deep and come up with the right scheme and players that could have the Eagles back on top of the NFC East in 2017.

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Here are 5 Questions for 2017


Do the Eagles trust Doug Pederson

It’s only his first year but has he done enough to warrant the trust of management? Pederson is an Andy Reid clone in every aspect of the game. He refuses to take the risk (minus the 4th down try) but Pederson has failed this team. Carson Wentz has the arm to be Aaron Rodgers but Pederson treats him like he’s Alex Smith. If the organization is to get back to winning football than Pederson must step out of the shadows of Reid and become his own man.

Do they go after DeSean Jackson

The Eagles are in desperate need of a receiver that can stretch the field. Jackson is one of the best in the league in that department and has nothing but respect for the organization and the players. His exit in Philly was not of his doing as the fans loved his temperament and his play but, will Philly be willing to shell out over $8M a year for a soon-to-be 31-year-old receiver with a history of injuries?

Jackson will be the security blanket that Wentz needs as he takes the next step in his development. If the Eagles can throw a three WR lineup of Dorial Beckham-Green, Jordan Matthews and Jackson at opposing defense the offense could be dangerous in 2017.

Do the Eagles go after Darrelle Revis

The secondary is not bad but a veteran presence with the resume of Revis will go a long way in shoring up a weakness that plagued them in 2016. Many believe that Revis is declining but it will look that way when your team has underperformed. Revis has admitted that his mind is not as focused as it once was but he still is a CB that most QB’s will not challenge.

Revis in the secondary, coupled with Malcolm Jenkins will provide the team with their best secondary in years. If the secondary can keep receivers covered that will give time for the front seven to do what they do best, attack the passer.

Should the Eagles trade Brent Celek

He has been a mainstay in the Linc for years but the emergence of Zach Ertz may have sealed the door on the veteran. But, the Eagles just signed a 3-yr deal and while having two tight ends is a luxury, they don’t use it to their advantage. The Eagles best bet would be to trade Celek and try to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick and either bolster their secondary or O-Line.

Who should they target in the 2017 NFL Draft

The Eagles still have holes to fill as they enter the 2017 season but what area of concern is more important than others? Many will say that they should attack the WR position in the draft but if they can land Jackson then drafting a receiver makes no sense. The area I think they should focus on is the offensive line. You have a young QB in Wentz but he must stay upright if he is to lead the team into the future. The Eagles line is not bad but it can be better. If the Eagles can somehow sneak in and grab OT, Cam Robinson from Alabama that will provide Wentz time to throw and the RB bigger holes to run through. But, that’s all depending on if the Eagles are able to get Jackson.

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