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Philadelphia Eagles: A new chapter against the Dallas Cowboys

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This Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles are set to face each other at 8:30 pm on the national stage of Sunday Night Football. This rivalry began in 1960 and is one of the most heated rivalries in the National Football League due to the NFC East. The NFC East is always touted as one of the tougher divisions due to how the four teams are always highly competitive.

When it comes to the Eagles and Cowboys rivalry there are many things you can look at. These teams have combined to have 8 NFL Champions, 35 Divisional Champions, and 10 Super Bowl appearances. I’m not even including the amount of Hall of Famers both teams have produced. Like the old saying goes, the past is the past and you can not change it. You can only worry about the future. That comes to the forefront this Sunday night as you can write another chapter in the rivalry as you will have two rookie quarterbacks starting for each team for the first time in their rivalry.

However, both teams got to their current starting QBs in two different ways. First, Dallas was able to use Dak Prescott when it was announced that Tony Romo was going to miss a good chunk of the season due to an injury. He has done so well for the Cowboys that there are several people who don’t want Tony Romo to be the starter again in Dallas as they don’t want to stop the flow that Dak has created in Dallas. Philadelphia is a bit different how they got into the situation they are in. When Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater went down with a gruesome knee injury, the Vikings were in desperate need of a QB. So the Eagles decided to trade Sam Bradford to the Vikings, this lead to the Eagles needing a new QB. In comes Carson Wentz and the rest is history. These two future high-level stars will create a new chapter that can be called such things as “the future” or “ Wentz vs. Prescott.”

Eagles and Cowboys fans should be happy as their teams’ futures are very bright.

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