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Philadelphia Eagles: Doug Pederson needs to grow a pair

All NFL teams are a reflection of their coach. You can say what you want about the New England Patriots but without Bill Belichick where would they be? Last season the Philadelphia Eagles dealt with the egotistical Chip Kelly and mirrored him into a losing season. This year the team started out 3-0 but then the ceiling collapsed.

Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Eagles finally mirrored their coach, Doug Pederson. But, not in a good way. Pederson is not new to the NFL but he is new to major responsibilities and the way he reacted after the loss spoke volumes about why the are in decline. When the team was rolling the first three weeks, Pederson and the Eagles were on top of the world but then reality hit the team with injuries and maybe a little ego and it boiled over Sunday for Pederson and rookie QB, Carson Wentz.

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The first shot was taken by Pederson after the Eagles loss to the Green Bay Packers last week:

“It’s not to put any added pressure on anybody,” Pederson said, “but at the same time, I don’t want people to just start tanking it in the last month of the season.”

Pederson let the pressure of losing get to him with that statement. You never go to the media and use the word “tank” when describing your team’s performance. It was the pressure so he got a pass for that one. But…

“It’s strictly mechanics.” Pederson elaborated, saying they need to get Wentz off his back foot and stepping into throws. And then there were batted passes too.

Now, there is an issue with Wentz mechanics? Well, how does Wentz feel about that?

“I don’t think it’s the mechanics,” Wentz said. “You make mistakes. Things happen, and that’s just the bottom line.” “You throw the ball 60 times, you’re going to miss some. That kind of happens.”

This is where Pederson has to learn that he does not have that kind of respect yet where he can just throw his team under the bus. First, he sort of blames them for tanking then he says his prized QB has poor throwing habits. If those habits were so poor then why is he starting? Why haven’t you, a former QBs coach worked those kinks out? And most importantly, why do you have a player with bad mechanics throwing the ball 60 times?

I get the frustration, it happens to the best of teams but Pederson must make sure that he keeps a level head or his tenure as coach will not last past the first season. The Eagles are a young team and are in the middle of a rough patch that is expected. But what Pederson is doing is the same thing that Kelly did before him. He’s drawing a line in the sand, dividing the team and he may not like the side the players end up on.


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