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Philadelphia Eagles: Five Potential Free Agent Targets

The Philadelphia Eagles crashed last season after an impressive 3-0 start. But once injuries and suspensions hit, the team fell apart. Not much was expected of the team with rookie QB Carson Wentz leading the way and a first-time head coach.

The Eagles are young and there are many holes to be filled before they can actually be contenders. What happened in the first three games in 2016 was not a mirage, it was a young team that came out with a point to prove but injuries hit the team and their youth and inexperience started to show. If the Eagles can attack Free Agency like they did the first part of the season, they will be in great shape come 2017.

Here are 5 Free Agents the Eagles should target in 2017.

Kenny Stills (Wide Receiver)

If the Eagles are looking for a burner then Stills could be at the top of their wish list. Stills has the speed as he demonstrated with the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins but each team also possessed better options at the #1 slot. Stills caught 42 passes for 726 yards and a career-high nine touchdowns last season. If Stills can offer Wentz that type of production on the outside to pair with Jordan Matthews then the Eagles will be a serious threat in the passing game.

DeSean Jackson (Wide Receiver)

The Eagles are in need of a quality receiver to move the chains and make plays. But most importantly they need a player to help mold the young guys like Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, and Doral Beckham-Green. And we can’t forget what his presence would do for the confidence and growth of Carson Wentz. Jackson is already familiar with the city and the front office. His signing is a must. The price for Jackson will be high as he’s still one of the few in te league that can take a short route for 90 yards. His production with the Redskins have now dwindled as many thought it would but to pair him with a young QN like Wentz would be a great building block for the future.

Charles Johnson (Defensive End)

Johnson is still a premier pass rusher in this league and the Eagles should know how rare they are to find and to keep. The Panthers called Johnson’s bluff this year and let him taste the waters but he liked the direction of the team and decided to come back for a discounted price. But, the Panthers stunk it up this year and if Johnson thinks this is a sign of things to come he may look to bolt. The Eagles will be a perfect fit for the 30-year-old DE. He can play alongside Barwin due to Graham’s inability to get to the QB like the team thought he would.

Trumaine Johnson (CornerBack)

The Philadelphia Eagles secondary needs help. They give up an average of 245 yards per game which is not bad but if they were to find a shutdown corner it will provide the front seven a better opportunity to get to the QB. Johnson is young and plenty of teams will be looking to add his services to their defense but the Eagles should make the secondary a strong area of concern. The Rams will look to sign Johnson up long-term but he must look at the roster and see if there are any real improvements made. Johnson has the ability to be a shut-down corner and this league and that is an area where the Eagles need help the most.

Mario Williams (Defensive End)

Williams has had his bright moments in the NFL but lately, it has fallen apart for him. He has 97.5 sacks in 11 years and that’s including his down seasons in 2015 and 2016 with the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. The Eagles don’t need Willimas as an every down player, what they need from him is to perform the way that Vinny Curry does. Willams has played some at LB which will help the Philadelphia Eagles out just in case of an injury. The bright side will be the price tag. With Williams in the midst of a downward spiral, the Eagles may be able to get a steal for Williams in terms of a one-year deal.



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